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SOCM Changemakers Program

Storiesofcommonman Changemakers Program

Let’s be the change together and Let’s change the Society Together!!

Are you one of those who always thought of doing something for the people and for the betterment of the society?

But dropped the plan right there because you don’t know how to do that “something”, how to help people, and how to change the society.

So, this is the platform for you. We, at storiesofcommonman, decided to start this programme, to be the change and to be the Changemakers and here we are with this idea of Changemakers Programme.

Mandatory steps for joining  the programme :

Visit our website- Storiesofcommonman

Fill the form using this link: Form Link

Payment Link:

(Payment is compulsory for completing the Registration Process, Once payment is done send the screenshot to your Leader)

 We have designed the programme into various modules or steps which goes like this:

1. Form Evaluation

2. Leader Induction

3. Forming a team (Min of 10 people)

4. Electing different people through Democratic manner (Vice  leader, Treasurer)

5. Following yearly calendar

So, what are you waiting for???  Join the league to one of the most inspiring programme in India and let’s make our society a better place.

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