A Journey Called Life


Every action you take weaves a thread in the tapestry of your life. And one wrong decision could tangle the thread in such a way, that it becomes almost impossible to unravel it. Guru took certain similar unprecedented decisions in life. Guru is a 35 years old man who is from Kotia, west Bengal, who currently works at a small juice shop in Bandra, Mumbai.


As a kid, Guru was very notorious, he had his hands full of mischievous tricks and would spare no one when it came to plying pranks. Guru was never into studies, he used to bunk classes every now and then. One day his teacher couldn’t resist Guru’s behavior and called his father to complain about Guru. His father felt a little ashamed for Guru’s irresponsible activities and scolded him for bunking classes. On one hand Guru was causing trouble whereas on the other hand his brother was a scholar. This stark contrast, in the behavior of the two brothers made their father worried about Guru.


Soon after this incident, something evoking happened in Guru’s life. He met a girl and fell in love with her. Both of them used to bunk classes and flea to the market. He gradually left going to school. His only priority was the girl he fell in love with. His father surged with anger when he came to know about the girl. He ordered Guru, to stop seeing the girl and start going to school. But Guru had already taken a decision, which certainly did not include going to school or college.


He left his village and ran away to the Kolkata. At first, he had certain difficulty but sooner he got a job as a waiter in a hotel. He did not go to his native place for 2 years, until one day when his brother returned to India from Malasiya, in search of his brother. His brother convinced him to come home. What came to him after reaching home was no less than a shock. The girl he loved had eloped with someone else. Guru was shattered, he could not understand whether it was real or not. But he settled for the truth with time.


After few days he decided to start working again. To his surprise someone told him about the “city of dreams: Mumbai”. He wanted to go to Mumbai but her parents were scared that he might not come back. He somehow convinced his parents and came to Mumbai in the year 2000.


All this while Guru had his true friends beside him, Chandan Giri and Kishan Gopal. All of them stuck together like true friends in the hard times. All of them came to Mumbai together in search for work. Guru worked at a garment shop in Thane for 2 years, and then as a pedlar in the Mumbai locals for about another 2 years. Between this time, he got married to his father’s friend’s daughter. He did not bring his wife along with him to Mumbai.


Due to an unauthorised trespass in the ladies coach of Mumbai local, he went to jail several times. His work demanded such violation of rules. After this he switched his work as a contractor. But he had to face another difficult situation at that point. His building was destroyed by the municipal corporation due to some unfulfillment of legal terms and conditions. Guru had no money, no job and no shelter. He started working as a labour and went to Kerela for sometime for this work. He came back to Mumbai in the year 2015 again with a discrete plan of settling down this time. He searched for certain lobs and finally got the job at the juice/sandwich shop. He makes delectable sandwiches which is extremely popular in the Khernagar area of Bandra (east). He has a 12 years old son who lives with his mother and grandparents in Kotia. Guru did not bring his wife and son along with him due to various reasons, one of them being his uncertainty of having a good home in Mumbai where he could keep his wife and son. Guru had bought a land in his native village and wants to open a mobile shop there.


Guru made certain bad choices but he got to learn a lot from every situation. He said, he dosen’t regret anything, what he has is only because of his hard work and dedication. He has learned how to live and what are the pre-requisites of life. All he wants, is a better future for his son.