Man With Special Esteem


“If one is physically disabled, one cannot afford to be mentally disabled as well”.

These are not just mere lines that define deep thoughts of a writer, but harshly, it defines the inner aspect of our society.

Today, we are going to tell you a real story of another ‘misfit’ in the society that wasn’t the normal one and had to work hard for everything in life.

Here is the story of Kamal. He lives in a small room with his children and wife.

I had the opportunity to have a conversation with him and I was truly mesmerized by his nature and the things he had been through.

Kamal is a specially-abled person. His legs have given up on him. While talking to him, he told me that he was affected by polio when he was just 6 years old.

You can say fault of the parents or the fault of the stars, but in the age of playing games and jumping around the corners, he was forced to sit back in a small chair and used to see other children’s playing.

He always wondered, if ever I could be one of them, if ever I could run like them.
The society never counted Kamal among them. Looked at him in a pity way and this is what Kamal never wanted. He wanted to live a life like other does, he is no less than anyone else.

Now Kamal is a full grown up man with 2 children and a wife. He works as an advertiser, where he drags his special cycle to different places in order to promote a product.

Kamal earning may not be very well, but his never-ending style and his never-say-die attitude has no other alternative.

Kamal says that doesn’t matter he is a handicap, he has all the rights to live like a normal person and earn like a normal person.

People like Kamal Moyal are the face of that section of society, that has been left out and been mocked by us. But in the end, it’s all or his will and self-esteem that never allowed him to be a pathetic person, but a proud family man.