The Moist Impression Of Her Kiss


“Talk to her”, whispered an old man.

“She is not responding” a man beside the door said.

It’s been an hour since she had spoken a word or even moved.

And then, the postman arrived and announced that there was a letter for Mr. Udaysingh.

Even the sound of the rustling letters in the bag didn’t distract her.

As the postman approached the door, his shadow fell on the body covered with a white, spotless cloth.And he went speechless.

“I…. I… have a letter for Uday Babu….”, and he broke down.

The body of Udaysingh was lying in front of the door, in a glass box, with his wife beside it.

He was dead!

Even before the postman made an effort, the old man standing opposite to him said: “We lost him in the war”.

“Udaysingh” was in the army since 10 years and has been serving in Northeast borders.

“We expected him to return soon, but not like this”, weepingly said Udaysingh’s brother.

But during of all this, Udaysingh’s wife, a mother of a five-month-old, sitting on the floor with a white sari draped around her, almost lifeless and with her eyes transfixed on his body.

She was almost paralyzed!

Her face looked placid and terrified.

Her mother-in-law said: she hadn’t moved since she heard the news of her husband’s death.

She also mentioned that she had no reaction to the death of her husband. She was still and her face showed no sign of expression except for a guessable desolation and a lifelong pain.

Meanwhile, somebody from the crowd added, “If she continues to remain like this then she may get paralyzed!”.

We must do something to make her respond, added another. The entire gathering began conversing in between themselves. Amid, an old woman, with an age of seventy or so, came in front and sat beside the woman who wore the attire of wretchedness.

The old woman said nothing, but she took the baby from the cradle and placed him on his mother’s lap. The entire crowd just watched, in a state of complete silence and perplexity.

Within no time, two round tears rolled down from the edge of her eyes. And the woman broke down into tears.

She immediately lifted her son and kissed him on his soft cheeks like never.

Everyone in the crowd was shocked!

The old woman did nothing but just reminded the young lady, of her son and life that lies ahead of her.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end, now you have got to live for him,” she said and left.


Edited  by Priyanka Sharma, Senior Editor, SOCM