Zahida – The Definition Of Love


“Even in the age of wrinkles, try to keep the soul of your love young”

Love, affection, and care have no boundaries but moreover, it has no age. It is something that is larger than life and has been at the core of the hearts of lover.

In the era where a relationship doesn’t last long, this story of never ending love is coming from Pakistan.

One fine noon, my dear friend Mariya from Pakistan noticed a lady, outrageously old. The lady was selling something with the full tone of her voice.

So, she decided to check the stuff she was selling. She was selling some basic things like Hijaabs and key chains and small stuff you will find at every corner of the road being sold by the vendors.

The lady is known by the name “Zahida”. Zahida is from Mumbai. Like her name, she is ascetic for her love towards her husband.

But the thing that really amazed Mariya, that she was speaking very fluent English. This thing not only caught her attention but then Mariya also decided to have some words with her.

Apart from English, the thing that really astonished Mariya, was that she wasn’t looking like a typical pushcart dagger.

There was a glow on her face and she was looking like a woman coming from rich modern family.

Zahida was cute and polite while talking to Mariya, but she was feeling a bit of hesitation while giving answers. But for Mariya, the curiosity was on the peak. And she insisted to talk about her.

While interacting with Zahida, Mariya mentioned that the biggest thing she learned from her was the unmatched love and unconditional affection for someone.

It was a love marriage and she was an Agha – Khani and had to convert for her love at the age of 15.

She was rich, happy and was living a normal married life until a day that changed too many things.

Her husband was conned and cheated by a close friend that took him almost everything they had.

However, that didn’t stop them from loving each other.

She said,

“My love story was going like a romantic movie with all the twists and turns we were facing but maybe that wasn’t the wish of Allah”

She said that after a while her husband became a diabetes patient and his leg was decapitated later on.

With no child, the ultimate weight of family falls on her.

According to her, that was the toughest period of her life when she was constantly motivated and supported by her husband.

Now it is all on her shoulders to support her husband’s medicine and treatment and to take care of all the day-to-day expenses of the family.

She decided to step up and since then she has been selling hijaabs, key chains and other basic things to the people in the street of Karachi.

She talked about the ups and downs she has faced in life. But according to her, all these things were just temporary in life and the only thing that has been permanent is the love and support she has got from her husband.

She believes that despite all the odds they have faced in life, the love and respect for each other has grown each and every day and her husband still finds her ‘The prettiest woman on Earth’.

The story of Zahida tells us that doesn’t matter how hard life is, love and affection conquer all.

“Because old hearts are the most beautiful ones”.

Special credits to  Mariya, Karachi, Pakistan.  Who sent us the story.