Tale Of Wails


Have you ever gone to the market to buy fruits and vegetables and came across to a vendor with physical deformities?

Most of us do!

Do you feel comfortable to approach these people and buy goods from them?

No, Right?

We tend to keep distance from people who don’t look like us or are not as complete as we are.

It’s the human tendency to be repealed by people not as complete as we are. I can’t blame anyone here. But, these humans, they have stories behind their present conditions. And once you hear those tales, you won’t feel so uncomfortable around them. As a matter of fact, you’ll love them and respect them for their bravery and persistence.

One such person is “Nandu Kaka”.

A man who’s walked the earth for more than 52 years. Nandu Kaka used to live in Kolkata.

He belonged to a poor family with two sons to raise and had no steady source of income to keep them filled throughout the day.

Nandu Kaka and his elder brother grew up selling toffees and sweets to school kids on a cycle pulled by their dad. Only one of the two sons would accompany dad to the cycle, other would stay back home and visit houses of other rich Sahab’s to wash utensils and clean toilets with their mother. They had divided the days between them and were strict to their routine.

Poverty raises only two kinds of humans: Sincere humans or wicked thugs. While Nandu Kaka’s elder brother chose to be wicked one in the family. Nandu Kaka stood ground with being sincere and humble. Upon growing up, he was tricked by his brother into selling off the small wagon he had purchased after years of saving and hard work.

After being betrayed by his own brother, he left his hometown in search of work and landed in Delhi. He was surviving on daily labor and hardly met his day’s needs.

In this horrifying conditions and life-threatening work life, he survived for years and tried to save money to buy an auto-rickshaw that he would one day ride all around the city.

The city, however, had different plans for him. In a riot that broke out in his area, his house was set on fire and everything he possessed and saved was lost to the rising flames of anguish.

Tricked by lord again, he didn’t lose his hope. Just like last time, he decided to change his city for once more and took a train to Nagpur. He had heard life was easy here for his kind and opportunities abundant.

He spent a good few years in Nagpur. He did day jobs for some years and saved enough to buy a hand-cart.

He decided to sell fruits on this hand-cart. But he never had the money to buy. Selling them felt like a big step-up for him.


He found privilege in doing this work. This worked out fine for him for many years. In this time, he got married and had two daughters. In these years, he raised enough to buy a small cottage in a slum and had the privilege to sleep on a mattress with the pillow.

Everything was going great but one day, while he was pushing his cart along the road, a car dashed into him and ran away. He was left all alone on the road for hours until some bold soul decided to take him to hospital.

Doctors had to amputate his right hand due to excessive blood loss that leads to infection. Since that day, he has been pushing his cart with one hand instead of two. His half right-hand hangs from his side and occupies half of the space in his ages-old shirt.

While life played him over and over and pushed him right up to the edge, he never gave up on his spirit to live and prosper.

Nandu Kaka is a man whom we can call an inspiring person. He doesn’t call himself handicapped or specially-abled.

He takes pride in himself for being short of one hand and still capable of taking his responsibilities and holding his dignity.

Even today, his family eats two times meal a day and his two daughters study in schools. He has accepted his fate and smiled through the dark skies.

Today, you will find him selling papayas in the local market and being the life of the workplace. A happy man and a fulfilled soul, he teaches us to take pride in the way you are and stay fulfilled to your role and duties. Stay strong in any circumstances life would throw at you.

Original story : Hardik Agrawal , Edited  by Priyanka Sharma , Senior Editor , SOCM.