Hope Will Never Die


Disclaimer:  The real identity of the person is hidden as the person doesn’t want to disclose it”

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‘There are times when you lose all the strength and feel like giving up, all it takes is one spark of inspiration and motivation to bring you back on track’ quotes, an acid attack survivor from Delhi.

A teenager living the last few months of her school life, beautiful and carefree didn’t know how her life was about to change forever. When one day, one of the senior guys asked her out, to which she refused and forgot about it in a few days as well. She thought of it to be really normal, everyone around her seemed to be accepting and rejecting such proposals without any consequences.

A few days after that incident, she often felt that she was being stalked and followed but didn’t give much attention to it. Later, she found out, she was, in fact, being followed by the same guy. She got scared and told her mom about it, but didn’t take any action against it.

She stopped stepping out of her house alone and started taking her mom along with her everywhere. One evening she went shopping with her mom, still scared and terrified of being stalked. She chose to let the feeling go off and enjoy, then she suddenly spotted that guy in front of her, before she could think of anything, he threw acid on her face and ran off. Her face was burning, the skin started melting instantly and she couldn’t stop screaming. Her mom ran towards her, crying out loud, asking for help. That’s the last thing she remembers before getting unconscious.

When she regained her senses she was in the hospital. Her face had gone through 4-5 surgeries to give it some shape. She wasn’t allowed to see herself for days. But it didn’t matter much to her, she knew her face was ruined. Her beautiful face, for which she used to get hundreds of compliments for, thinking about it used to break her heart.

A few weeks after, when everyone in her house was busy she went to the kitchen took a knife and just when she was about to slit her vain, her mom entered all petrified and threw the knife away. She hugged her tightly, slapped her and said ‘What have we, your parents done wrong to see you dead? Isn’t our love enough for you to let go of that horrifying incident? Why do you want to make us suffer for crimes that guy committed? We are here to support you, can you not live your life for and with us? You do not need to be ashamed of yourself. I am proud of you. We want you to live your life as you were living and not let anyone pity you. What if you lost your face, you still have your personality, your courage. There is nothing that can stop you if you don’t stop yourself from achieving what you deserve.

That whole day, she cried and her mom’s words were all she could think about. At last, she came to a conclusion that she wouldn’t end her life, she would accept it and move on with it, more confident as ever.

She says ‘ I thought I had lost my charm towards life. I wanted to die. But my mom made me believe in myself, and I promised myself that I won’t look back. I am going to school as I used to. Initially, people criticized but now they are supporting me and I am somehow trying to move ahead of this incident and yes, of course, the boy is in police custody for his act. I owe my new life to my mom, who has been my strength and will always continue to be,’

Storiesofcommonman.in thanks her for sharing her story with us and teaching us that life has to go on, no matter what, so better live it with confidence and grace.

Edited and Improvised by Shweta lalwani ,  Senior writer of Storiesofcommonman.in