A Boy With An Offbeat Garb


Imperfection is Beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. – Marilyn Monroe

Imperfection is Beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. – Marilyn Monroe

The biggest factor that makes our reputation in front of others is our face.

It’s a matter how we look. What is the color of our skin? What is our jawline?

Precisely the entire package comes in a different form, apart from facial factors, our physical appearance and our hair are probably the most important factor that defines our look.


Looks matter! We all know how much looks matter to everyone. But the point is, how everyone perceives our looks.

In case of unorthodox looks, things are not only different, but they also raise certain eyebrows and questions.

It is obvious that these questions come from our friends and from the society, because after all, from hearing to vision, we all build characters in mind.

Living in Indian society is a challenging part. Not only you have to deal with never-ending questions about your lifestyle and fashion sense.

People not only judge you, but they will try their best to make fun of it.

I am not saying that this is applicable to everyone else; there are still many fashion believers who know and appreciate unorthodox and different styles in a person.

So this is how Romy is taking care of his personality. From a very good distance, you can simply look at this boy, wearing fancy and stylish clothes with dreadlocks. He is one of those guys who lives life to the top roof with his garb looks and out of the box hairstyle.

This story is about Romy. Romy has his Hair. 


He is coming from Indore Madhya Pradesh. A mechanical engineer by nature and a very big fashion and photography enthusiast. But out of those, the thing that makes him out of the equation of normal people is his Hair.

Romy describe his Hair as “Accidental change”

He said,” I was one of those guys that always welcomed experimental looks. I had no intention of having dreadlocks. Just like every other college guy, I had many hairstyles. From short to long hair, I had it all”

He further added,” I was just growing my Hair for no reason and one day I was just scrolling the Instagram where I found this Hairstyle. Even though I had no idea about dreadlocks, even though I wasn’t aware of the name of this style, it was something that just caught my attention and heart. 

So it was the beginning of his look. He didn’t take any second and started finding everything about it. With adrenaline rushing his body, he googled each and everything about it.

He was in Mumbai that time, so he met each and every fashion stylist and hairdresser in the town, but it was all disappointment. The entire process was lengthy and moreover, it was not suiting the pocket”

So he came back Indore and decided to be his own stylist. It was hard and painful in the beginning but with all the knowledge he had watching tutorials on YouTube and Articles on the internet, he made dreadlocks in 4-6 days. It wasn’t the best but with time, they looked perfect on him.

Just like every normal Indian family, they were amazed and had a facepalm moment. Everyone in the family was just curiously asking the reason why he adopted such abnormal look. They even told him to behave like a proper boy and cut these bread off as soon as possible.

He further added.

“It wasn’t all well, in the beginning, mostly, people were either laughing or asking to cut it off, but the things have changed now.

Not only my family, but my friends and even society understands that it is my choice about how I want to look”

According to him, he is not only famous for his looks, people are even asking his advice about how he manages these Hair. People are getting aware about dreadlocks. Now, he is also a dreadlock artist, making dreadlock at his premises and spreading the happiness with the fashionists. Later It became a good earning source for him, he also have some clients from different cities as dreadlock artists can’t be found easily. 

Precisely, he is happy, his family and friends are happy. Rest are those who can never be happy.

Romy’s story highlights that how important it is to listen to your inner voice. Doesn’t matter what people say, be what you are. Be what you feel comfortable in. Sooner or later not only they will accept you, but will also appreciate you.