Valor of a Woman


Parenting, parenting is the process of bringing up the child to a delightful future, while facing all the hurdles. Parenting is hard. But have you ever wondered how hard is it to be a single parent?

Ever wondered how tough it would be to deal with all the difficulties and complication, a single mother has to face in order to raise a child.

Single moms, you are a doctor, a teacher, a nurse, a maid, a cook, a referee, a heroine, a provider, a defender, a protector and a true “Super Women”. Wear your cape proudly.

Society may have developed social class into several groups, but there is one thing that society cannot decide and that is motherhood. Lakshmi is one of those people from our society that gives us a bit of sadness but a lot of happiness and motivation. Happiness of her everlasting smile and motivation to never give up, to work hard and to be a “Super Mommy”.

As I above told you about Lakshmi, she lives in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, with her eldest daughter Rano. While 2 daughters and one son lives with her aunt and rest of the two daughter’s lives with her grandmother. The entire story of Lakshmi may sound depressing for few people, but it will definitely sound motivating for everyone.

She is coming from a lower-lower class section and lives in a hut. Her husband left her struggling. Since then it was very hard for her to manage everything.

She said that, ” there were time, when we only manage to get one time food and getting two times meal was a very big deal. I used to cry with Diksha in my hand and used to think about our future”

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “From polishing shoes to polishing diamonds, we all are one and all jobs should be treated on the same manner”.

This is what became the mantra of Lakshmi’s life. She said that there was a time, when I used to look into the eyes of my children, asking me for money, asking me for candy, asking me for toys.

She said, “you say, if is there any invalid demand? You and I both have crossed this age. You know how hard it is to resist from anything in childhood”.

She further added. They used to look in my eyes with deep urgency and affection for those things. But you tell me, what can I do for them? A mother who cannot arrange 2 times food for their children, how can she manage them these things?

It was the hardest phases of her life, when she had nothing to lose and had everything to gain. And she decided to step up. She decided to step up and to live for her children.

2012 was the year, when the table turned for her. She decided to work as a maid in order to fulfill the basic need of her family. But things were not as easy as it sounds. In the beginning nobody assigned her even the basic task for their houses. Since, she was a single lady and the mentality of prevailing society was not positive. The first break through and the first job she got was unexpected. Few hostel students approached her to cook for them and because of the urgency of money she accepted the job. So, the first ever income she received from her job was a note of 500 rupees. The positive thing that came out of this job is that she became famous for her food and services in the entire society.

Later on she was approached by many families to do their respective task which includes sweeping, moping, dish washing, washing clothes, cooking, baby sitting and other basic things of a house.

In short she was getting offers to do a full time job with full time pay. However things were still not good for them. They may have found a way to get a two time meal. But still other basic needs were out of the site. Then Rano, the eldest daughter of them all decided to accompany her mother. Meanwhile Rano was genetically gifted the work skills of her mother and these work skills helped her to gain lots of love and appreciation from the house she worked in. After that both mother and daughter started getting multiple offers to work in the different families of society. Their situation got a bit better when both of them start working simultaneously and now “they had the money in their pocket” and moreover than that they start to enjoy a stable and more secure lifestyle.


The best moment for their life came in the year 2014, when her youngest daughter and youngest son started going to a private school. Now the things are much better for them but still they have a room in their life for improvement. As she wants her remaining children to learn something in school as well. She is still working hard to enlighten her children’s life.

Lakshmi belongs to that section of our society that does all the basic hard work and always treated in an inferior way.

Being a single mother with no education and no job, it is very hard to take care of children. Lakshmi’s story always reflects how a mother can step out of her comfort zone to work hard and earn her daily living.

Because life is not about how many chances you get, life is all about how many chances you make.