A Father’s Concern


Life isn’t always easy and till the time it doesn’t teach you some major lessons, it’ll keep making you move in all sorts of directions, make you feel like everything’s perfect and then out of the blue it all slips like sand from your fist. But still, there are few people who despite all the problems in their life, keep working towards making everyone else happy. There couldn’t be a better example than that of a Father.


Anwar Ali, a 70 yr old ‘rickshaw puller’ from Baghpat (Uttar Pradesh) is a single father of 3 adults is our inspiration for the week. Born in Patparganj in Delhi this man with a hunchback has been pulling rickshaw since he was just an 11 yr old child. His parents sent him away to Baghpat, expecting him to earn money, and that’s how he got into rickshaw pulling and has been earning money through it ever since.

Back then rickshaws used to be quiet popular and made a good income for them. But since auto-rickshaws came to India, they made a major impact on the income of rickshaw pullers. Anwar has been struggling day and night and his age and back problem only seems to make things harder.


He’s the sole bread earner in a family of 9, which includes both his sons, their spouses, his daughter and her husband and the 2 newborns. None of his family members cares to earn money, they all depend on Anwar to bring money for food. On top of it, his drunkard younger son is into gambling and is debt-ridden. To pay off his debts the family was forced to sell their house and are now living on rent.
Only a father like Anwar could go through with such hard times and still bear everything with a smile on his face, no matter how much pain he feels inside. He thought he taught his children well, and they will take care of him in his old age but now he doesn’t even have the energy to argue with them or scold them to go find work.

He doesn’t care about feeding himself but can’t see his children starving. He says ‘A father will go through with everything and bear all the pain alone so that his children can live a peaceful life, where they don’t have to do struggle like him. But it hurts to see that his own children don’t value him or think even once about what their father is going through.

Challenges with the time get tougher as people hardly take rickshaws and he has to go home without a single penny in his pocket. On asked how he manages to do all this he answered ‘I cannot see any holiday or any Sunday for myself, my only aim is to feed 2 meals a day to my family.’

He has left all his dreams behind for his family and his family is ready to leave him as he cannot earn more good. One thing he said after wiping those teary eyes that he doesn’t ask for much from life as his loyalty and honesty has given him loads of respect which usually rickshaw puller doesn’t get and this hard work and honesty will pay off for sure in life or after life.

Anwar and storiesofcommonman.in salute all the fathers who are working so hard for their families. This is the inspiring life and this is the common man.