Happy New Year 2018



All endings mark the start of something new. And all starts do come to an end at some point of time. Yes, it’s that time of the year again where we say a good bye and a thank you to the year 2017, for showering us with life lessons, with all its ups and downs, and welcome the New Year 2018 with a bright smile and positive hopes. Stories Of Common Man wishes its reader base, a very Happy New Year. We wish this New Year turns out to be a lucky one filled with joy and happiness to all of you.

On this day, we want to thank all our readers and supporters. We are truly grateful to all of you for bringing SOCM this far.  It wouldn’t have been possible without you all, to stand where we are right now. While this new year is a time to have fun and party for some people, it is just another ordinary day for many of them, like for a beggar on the street or for a daily wage worker, it really doesn’t matter which day of the year it is, as long as they get to eat three meal s a day or have enough clothing to cover themselves completely. Yes, that’s how a year starts and even ends for those underprivileged people. And it hurts to say that, another class of the society, the so called privileged ones are so busy with themselves that they don’t even bother to know how other people around them live and how their lives work.

All that we request to our readers is to get a little more kind and compassionate. Care a little bit about the people you see every day. You don’t have to do mighty deeds to show that you care. Your tiny acts can be satisfying enough. Talk to them about their daily doses of happiness and the struggles they go through, listen to their stories and share yours with them and we are very sure you get to learn loads from them. Like, ask your maid if she needs a day off to spend some time with her kids, or ask a beggar on the street when he had his previous meal, or talk to your driver about how and why he got to this profession, or if you find a child working, ask him why he got to this state and what dreams he has got in his tiny little eyes. And after listening to their answers and their gleamy eyes, we bet you will not look at the world the way you used to before. All these little things might not make you seem great to others, but you will definitely feel proud of yourself and we will too.

So this new year, make a few tiny additions to your ‘to-do-list’ and make your inner self and someone else as well, happy. Take a resolution to open your inner eyes of chivalry and compassion to see this world. And maybe you will then realize that the world isn’t that bad a place after all.