A Man of Diligence 


                              “BEING HAPPY DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE IT ALL


 One such man is Mr.ThirumalaiSwamy,an 85 years old hardworking man walking with the help of crutches.He works as a security in the Church from 6pm to 7am for the past 20 years.Walking for nearly 1km far from his house,he reaches the Church daily.He is a man of Simplicity,a great Reputer of hardwork,and a great Devotee of Jesus.From a small village in Pollachi,TamilNadu,he resided as a farmer in his earlier days.Due to severe Famine and Drought,they were evaded to have Aloe vera tuber as their daily food.As the time bygones,he migrated from his native to coimbatore(before 40years) in search of livelihood with his wife and four children.Initially,he worked as a Hireling in every possible places and later as a Hostel cook.

One fine day he got an opportunity to work for the construction of Church.He made a Cottage near the construction area and lived with his family happily with what he had.There were many passable days they spent with poisonous harmful insects.Whenever life was hard,he neither lost his hope,nor blamed god for his worse condition,Instead he prayed and thanked for what he had and it is being practiced till today.He found himself rich when he was affordable to quench his family’s stomach.Sometimes rice was filled with ants,he just compromised himself by saying ant as a good source of vision and wholeheartedly accepted it.This makes us understand his respect and need for the food.By the time the construction work got full-fledged,they were moved out from that place.From the day of start till the complete church was raised,Drops of roots sheded in each and every pillar of the Church made him determined to spend the rest of his life the best of his life under the footsteps of Jesus.He wished to serve for the God,in his final days.

As he grew older,the committee members of the church hesitated to give him job.Yes,he was depressed since he could not render his service for Jesus.The Committee members appointed various persons as the Security,perhaps no one could catch up after some time.With the god’s grace and his continuous hope and prayers,he was once again appointed as the security of that church which was a dream come true for this oldman.He gets Rs.4000per month as a salary and furiously working till today.

                                                    “Until My Last Breath,

                                   I Will Be His(JESUS) Votary(devotee)”,he quotes.

(When I was about to speak to him,I was pleasantly welcomed with a 15minutes of prayer and blessings from Jesus.Only a few such lovable souls has the golden heart to pray for others whatever their circumstances be…He narrated his entire story with full of tears and love for Jesus).


For the past one week ,being unable to walk,he reaches the church by Auto.He never treated his work as a work instead preached it,which made him dismiss all the pains and render his sincere service.

He surely is a Successful Common man!!!

——wishing merry Christmas from storiesofcommonman.in—————-