The Living Soul


Asha, a lady who was born and brought up in a typical Hindu family where her life
started being an unwanted child. A 69 years old lady who has pale skin, lean body
and cannot hear anything easily, lives in Baraut (Uttar Pradesh) with her 2
drunkard sons, selfish daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren in a small rented
house. When she was nine months pregnant with her 2nd child her husband died
due to the brain tumor which left her in the state of shock for several months and
she became the only person who earned bread and butter for her children. Asha
didn’t marry again, she loved her Ranaji a lot (she used to call her husband Ranaji).

But there is a saying you cannot fight with fate. what is written, is written and you
have to survive through it. she roamed at many places in search of work she had
to sell her all jewelry also for the food. they say bad days make you realized who is
yours and who is not. in the most difficult days of your life your own people will
leave your hands and there was the time when she begged on the roads. the
circumstances she has faced can force anyone loses up their courage but she is
stronger than that. stronger than anything else. she fought every single day for the
food, for the survival, and for her children. when her son grew up that was the
kind of a relief to her but almighty has to take her test again. as her both sons
grew up they started abusing her and when they both got married with the time
their wives have also started taunting her, treats her very badly, abuse her and
sometimes beat her up also. life was no less than a hell for her.

later asha started finding work and then she decided to do domestic work.
she doesn’t have so much energy in her body, she is not healthy as well but to survive she gotta do something as she cannot rely on her sons. this way she got 2-3 homes where she cleans dishes, wash clothes, clean house, and all that stuff and in 1 home she got her brunch and evening tea after the work. she always says no matter how much hard work I will do I can only eat how much god has written in her fate.

In winters she wears boys t-shirt or old clothes of other people given by those for whom she works. she is a joyful person she knows how to smile in the toughest time of her life also and that makes her soul beautiful. they say also the one thing worth living for is to keep one’s soul pure. she has this habit of singing old songs and dance
also. she makes other happy by her childish activities but her pain can be easily
seen in those sparkling eyes and shining smile. being the perfect example of the
living soul she always blesses everyone saying “Kisi Ke Sath Kuch bura mat Karo
Mera malik tumne humesha khush rakhega”.