The People’s Leader


Politics in India can be complicated, the relationship between the politicians and the public has always been bittersweet. But there still are some politicians who really connect with the people, one such politician is Mr. Shahjahan Basha, EX_MLA of MADANAPALLE (CHITTOOR).

He feels it’s his duty to work towards the welfare of the people of his hometown. He made the Madanpalle constituency green, solved the wakf board issues. He is followed by the youth and that’s what keep him motivated. But all this didn’t came easy for him. In 2004 during general elections, he wanted to file a nomination and luckily the Indian National Congress gave him a ticket. When he went to file it in, the officer found that Sonia Gandhi’s signature was missing on it and as a result of it he couldn’t contest the elections.

Basha was born to Mr.Akbar Saheb, the man who started a bus company in India before Independence and now its leading brand in Madanapalle, “Salamath Travels”. belonging from a non political background only added barriers in his run of being an MLA. He couldn’t compete his schooling, but managed to complete 10th standard. He wanted to be a leader since childhood, half of his dream got fulfilled in school itself, and he became the students’ leader.

He also helped his father in developing his travels business from 11 to a network of many buses, before getting his big break in his political career. He worked hard towards it and in 2009 he won the elections with huge majority. But he took the decision to resign amid his support in keeping Andhra Pradesh united. His decision was applauded and he was welcomed with garlands. He is one of the few politicians who has maintained good relationship with the members of the opposing party.

He aspires to become MLA again in the next general elections. Wishing him all the best from Storiesofcommonman Team.