The Other Side Of The Happiness


Life gives us lemons but it takes a courageous heart to use that lemon’s sourness to add more taste to life. They say no rains, no flowers and that implies in life too. Everything you want is on the other side of the pain.
This is the story of Dayaram, a tanned thin man who travelled to Delhi from a small village of Ayodhya in 1984 when Indira Gandhi was the prime minister. When asked about his surname his words were ‘baghwan ram ka naam lag gaya hai yehi mera surname hai’. He is a kind of man whom you will see with a wide smile on his face always. He resides in tilak nagar in West delhi with his wife in his friend’s office’s store room. His friend doesn’t charge him anything and in return dayaram takes care of the work assigned to him by his friend. He has a bicycle servicing workshop in tilak nagar under a tree and thats how he makes a living for the two (his wife and he himself) to add to it , he finds some other part-time jobs also, which pay on an hourly or daily basis, like painting the house, cleaning house and his wife (Bela) works as a domestic help.

But the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. He indeed sacrificed big to come and settle down in Delhi , leaving his loving small village and parents behind to give a good life to his family and to support his son’s studies.after many failed attempts to make a decent living in his village he had to come and settle down in the city. He worked at many places, learned many things but somehow destiny had to play its card of testing his patience and he had to jump between different sorts of jobs.Having worked in an iron ore mine before , he started developing blindness in one eye , when he realised that he had to leave it . Later, he worked in some tyre company , which helped him pay his son’s school fee and manage rest of the household expenditure, but he had developed a breathing problem , he tried putting up with it and when he knew it was quite fatal he had to quit that job as well. As days went on his son grew old and he abandoned his father , leaving dayaram alone , and now dayaram had his small little bicycle workshop under the tree. Everybody in the area knows him so well , because he always kept smiling and never refused to do favours when people asked him. He helps people clean their houses and offices during festive seasons , he sometimes pulls his friend’s rickshaw, and also helps people when they are in any kind of need. His son keeps coming to just to take more money from him but he and his wife celebrate over this , at least they can see their son.

He always says life is always sour , it only depends on how you take it and turn it sweet . even though you might have very little there is always a reason you can be happy about and no matter the circumstances there is always a factor of beauty in life that can be discovered.