And he became the Smiling Magic Wand


This week we bring you the story of another common man we wish to ignore the importance of, the one who may seem to play a minor role in our lives, but when it concerns our health and the millions we spend in hospitals, plays an important role in determining on what rely the stakes of our lives. One wrong step on his part can make you believe your life is in danger, but when it really is true, helps you find the reason and cure for it.

Ramesh Yogi, a lab assistant, works at Taneja nursing home which is a child specialty clinic located in Laxmi Nagar, East Delhi. The clinic is small and has only one laboratory for all sorts of tests including blood, urine, sugar and blood pressure tests. He works there as an assistant helper.

His job involves carrying reports to the Doctors and fulfilling the material requirements of the lab.  He didn’t had any sort of education regarding the tests being conducted at the clinic, before joining it. During his training period, he learned a lot from his supervisor and is able to perform a few tests now.

Ramesh has knowledge about the building construction jobs as well. His friends force him to leave the clinic and work as a construction labourer, as it would pay him nearly around 10000 Rs. per month, which is plenty compared to Rs. 6000 that he earns from working at the clinic. But Ramesh refuses to do so, as his in-laws believe that working as a lab assistant is comparatively a much-respected job than being just a manual construction labourer.

And also, the death of his only son due to dengue jolted him and his family. His son used to get sick very often. The loss of his child drove him to provide medical aid to people who cant afford expensive medical treatments at half the price. Apart from fulfilling his moral duty, it also made the clinic crowded and their business increased.

He utilizes his weekends visiting villages and offering free tests to the people who don’t understand the importance of medical examinations prescribed by doctors. He wishes to work in other laboratories and hospitals, but they resist to hire him because of his lack of education.

But now he has made his peace with it and has to feed his family from the little amount he manages to earn. He wants everyone to acknowledge the importance of medications so no one will have to go through what his son and his family did.

He quotes “Never let your pain break you, take that pain and fly higher. There will be times when you will be above everything without any demands and complaints and then you will understand what life is all about. Just live every single moment of your life to the fullest”.