There goes a beautiful saying which says “every man dies, but not every man really lives.” This saying holds true for most of us. Each of us has our own reasons as to why we didn’t live our life the way we wanted to.  But here stands a lady who beat all odds to reach her feat. She is Padma Hemanth, a professional trainer, a dancer, a lyricist, an audio engineer, a documentary filmmaker and the list goes on. The number of fields she has laid her hands on is innumerable.

Having born in a lower middle-class family, she had to go through a lot of hardships. Her father was working at a sweetmeat stall, mother a home-maker. The income was not sufficient to run a family with three kids. Her family had to go through a lot for getting the kids educated. She considers herself really lucky to have studied at an English medium school, while her sisters studied in a government school. She owes it all to her kindergarten teacher who saw an incredible talent in her as a kid and convinced her parents to let her study in an English medium school. But she also recalls how her parents had to sacrifice their dinner for a year or so to pay her fees. Most of her childhood passed, contemplating if they would get to study further and what they would have to do keep their three meals. In order to save upon breakfast, she would teach Kannada in the mornings to one of her classmate who had come from Nigeria and earned a little by it when she was just in 8th grade. During her 12th grade, her mother was hospitalized and that took a toll on her education. Despite being good at studies, she dropped it and started working as a teacher after her 12th in a kindergarten school. With that, she took up tuition’s for children privately. Having all this going, she was determined to continue her studies and completed her BA in correspondence and did additional courses which seemed like a way out of her poverty. Later she joined Mysore University to do her MA in economics and in parallel did a postgraduate diploma course in computer science.

She got married to Mr.Hemanth Kumar when she was pursuing her masters’, who has been immensely supportive of her throughout. This marriage changed her life forever. She started helping her music composer husband in their own studio where she discovered another new side of hers. Back then, almost 15 to 18 years ago, she was the first female octal pad player to support in recordings and a sound engineer in Bangalore. She also started working for a Kannada channel, called ETV Kannada(now called Colors Kannada) where she directed numerous shows for children among which stands Chilipili antyakshari the first Kannada show to get gift hampers sponsored. She also holds the pride of working with eminent people like T. S. Nagabharana, Nagathihalli Chandrashekar, C Ashwath, P H Vishwanath, Vyshali Kasaravalli, SP Balasubramaniam, S.K. Bhagwan, Bhargava, K V Jayaram to name a few. She has also worked as an associate director, dialogue writer, and lyricist for the movie Olave and directed numerous documentary and corporate films. Padma is the artistic director of their dance school, Sangeetha Bharathi Institute of Arts where her passion for dance found new waves. Padma Hemanth trains art aspirants in the field of Bharatanatyam here. A lot of her students have become performers and dance teachers themselves in the field of dance.

She is the mother of two lovely daughters and the elder one, Ranjini is gainfully employed and the younger one, Sheetal is one of the young artists of the state, pursuing dance and music and wishes to toe the steps of her parents to become a full-fledged artist. 

Another life-changing incident which ought to be mentioned is when she met her god-figure V. Aswatha Ramaiah, founder of Unique Consultants. Having found her attitude impressive, Aswatha Ramaiah approached her husband to let her work for Unique Consultants. He believed in something which even she wasn’t sure about, at that point of time.  That’s how her journey as a professional trainer began. Since that day, she has trained close to 1 lakh employees from in different companies across the nation and abroad. This profession to her is the most fulfilling one and has stayed very close to her heart.

‘Nothing can beat the feeling you get when someone says my life has changed because of you and that has made me stick on to this profession for 18 years’, she says. There have been instances when employees’ spouses call her up thanking her for the influence she created on their husbands. It has also happened that one day a person comes to her home and gifted her a saree and said he bought it from the money that he saved by quitting drinking, after listening to her advice.  Another female employee called her up with tears when the lady was visiting her native for the first time in 7 years after she got married. It so happened that her husband wasn’t happy with his in-laws and did not let his wife visit them. But after listening to Padma’s words, he changed his mind!

“There are hundred different examples of people’s life-changing. And getting to hear it from them is the most touching part. All these only motivate me to help those people who need me, especially the low profile employees who lack guidance in life. If only they realize their true potential, they can achieve a lot more than they can think.”

So here’s the story of a common man (a woman rather) who rose up to become someone extraordinary despite all odds. It only shows that if you are willing to make your life larger, nothing can come between you and your success.

— Kruthika Parappa