It’s now been 70 years of Independence. But even after seven decades of freedom, we are yet to experience it in a real sense. No doubt, the Indian Army is the sole entity that comes to our mind when the Independence Day comes. It is these brave Sons of India that maintain the pride, culture, heritage, and spirit of Independence that we all cherish all the way. Still, we are not able to take out time from our busy schedule in order to thank them.
let’s have a look at the story of every Indian soldier narrated by Mr. Chandra Dutt Mishra, Head Constable at Border Security Force.

Their life has never been easy. They have to face a tough screening round to get admitted to the BSF Academy. After selection, they are pushed to the limits for the next one years, performing various physical activities and living in disastrous situations so that they can adapt themselves to tough conditions in future. And then there is the big day when they are ordained as border men. With 50 weeks of tough training, they march their last step out of the academy, ready to serve their country.
They are there, 24 hrs a day 365 days in a year, Manning sweltering deserts and watching over slope and peeks leading through menacing storms and sweeping through dense forests

These border men are not just tested by the enemies, but by the terrain itself From extreme snow in Kashmir to sweltering Thar desert in Rajasthan (bigger than hunger and ice wind combined), they have to face the toughest terrains Sometimes they have to work at a temperature as high as 45 degrees to as low as -20 degrees. They have to work for more than 6 months in the snow. Boiled and dry food is supplied to these soldiers in an interval of six months. The condition of the food served is so bad that it cannot be digested easily. Proper medical facilities are also not available in case of an emergency. They have to live away from their family and hence are unable to enjoy their social life.
There are places where you can be as a BSF guard that reaps up your energy and praises your life. Due to water logging in some areas, simple patrolling becomes a hard task .
The worst thing here is not the searing heat or the cold nights. It’s the waiting. Waiting for the wind to quit blowing and the sand to quit grinding against your skin. Waiting for a moment of privacy in a tent packed with seventy other men, in a camp packed with seven hundred other tents, in a base packed with fifteen thousand soldiers, all looking for a clean place to go to the bathroom. Waiting for the bone-rattling coughs from dust finer than powdered sugar to stop attacking the lungs.
According to him “If there is one thing you will learn in the army, it’s that you need not die for your country. Rather, you should concentrate on making the enemy die for his”. For these battle machines, the fundamental duty is to protect India’s border.
“I will not Disgrace the Borderman’s Arms, nor Abandon the Comrade, who stands at my side. Whether alone or with many, I will defend everything that my Country holds sacred”. These men do their duties by this borderman’s pledge. Trained for combat in any terrain and bound together in brotherhood, the border security force is India’s first line of defense. Strong in body and mind and head held high, these soldiers deserve these lines
Na Karna Tu Shaq Unki Shiddat pe                                                                                                         Na Karna Tu Shaq Unki Mohabbat pe                                                                                                 Teri Chand Ghanto ki need Khaatir,                                                                                                       Wo zindgi Bhar ke liye so Jaate Hai.. 

Let’s Take a moment to Thank our Indian Army For working 24*7 and saving our lives. Jai Hind!

–Subham Kant Das