Most of us, Indians, are usually concerned only with keeping our own houses clean and litter-free but little do we care about our neighborhood, our city and our country. As offensive as it may sound, most of us don’t mind throwing away our dirt onto the streets because we don’t care how our roads look as long as our houses are tidy. Most of us might deny this. But on the darker side we do know to ourselves, that we are doing nothing about making our city a cleaner place. You might argue that there are government bodies regarding this. Yes, there are agencies set up just to look into these matters. But except for paying taxes, what is our contribution to our cleaner city? ‘If we stop throwing away plastic papers here and there on the roads, if we stop spitting on roads and  elsewhere and change our little habits, we could in a way be helping for a tidier environment’. Says
our ‘common man’ for this week.

This lady, works for an agency which is involved in keeping Bengaluru clean. Her work mainly involves sweeping roads and public parks, right from morning 6:30 to 5:00 in the evening. Aged around 60, she wakes up to the daily chores at home and then runs to the park (their agency’s  so-called start point) to the roll-call. And then she has to run to her allotted place, which is usually at least a kilometer away, for the mopping. And finishing up there, she has move to her next place and then they break-off for lunch. She has to do the same work at other places and then go back to where her day started, to report to the supervisor about her work.It’s tough to be doing this work, says she, especially when you are not being paid properly.

She and her colleagues haven’t received their pay, for the past 3 months and there is little they can do about it because every time they try asking, they only get a false promise in return. “I can’t quit this job.I’m not capable to work elsewhere and I have to be working in order to survive”. Were her lines.

She has three children out of which two of them are working, but still contribute nothing to the family. And obviously she has to be bearing all the responsibility with her salary of 12000, which is again so unreliable. Though she didn’t want to disclose much about her life, all she told was that she had been through a lot.
All she wanted to tell everyone was not to judge anyone on the basis of the work they do, because she has got that a lot of times. Just as how a nation needs a doctor, an engineer, an economist, the country needs them too. For if it wasn’t for them, maybe we couldn’t have stepped onto the roads.