The Unheard voice


Many of us woke up listening to this news , another voice that was under the limelight got silenced forever . there were also questions asking “he had everything he ever wanted but what made him do this ?” always in the limelight , all the money most of us want , a loving family …. But still ….why ? Chester Bennington it is .

Born into a very normal family his mother being a nurse and father a police officer, he had to face his first blow from life when his parents got divorced when he was 11, and he had to move in with his father. Post which he turned to drugs and it took him quite some time to get out of the addiction.he was bullied at school as a child , and he’s lived through his bad days .Just like anyone of us he had his dreams amidst all his addictions and troubles. His love for music gave him dreams , he wanted to be a part of the bands he admired and he achieved them. As the Frontman of The Band Linkin Park , he saw huge success. He wrote songs that reflected deep emotions and feeling . Every song he wrote had a deep sense of meaning adding more soul to them with his voice. But even as an adult he was always fighting depression, like most of us do today .


       Beyond all the success, happiness and joy we project outside , there is always a battle in our minds that is never spoken and it is always lost in silence . but when we go to bed it is that voice of doubt and anxiety that gets the loud , It is always a war between hope and  fear , a battle between the ambiguity and vision, a cry for clarity, a search for answers and we reach out for a guiding hand. And this is present at every stage of life no matter how much we achieve or how less we accomplish . the bitter truth !! it is just there.


    Yes we are a platform that covers stories of common people. but this week we rather decided that we just address a problem that  is so common and most of us go through at least once in a lifetime. You might not find the answers to most of your questions .Money ,fame and love might not answer them as well . but there is just one thing that can comfort you and make you win in that battle of the mind . there are just millions of people in this world like you who are in it and who were in it and  just came out of it .You are Not Alone! Chester is a brave soul , nevertheless it happened , he has fought many battles and came out victorious , the love of the people around him always helped him through this . you are not alone and you Don’t have to be deeply connected to someone to share it , There is someone always ready to give an ear . And all of us have this responsibility of reaching out to people who might be in need of some support, or someone to just listen . let’s take a call today!! RIP Chester Bennington !! stars might fall to the ground , but their vibe lives on !!!!