The most protean employee


Motivation is the most powerful emotion employees bring to work each day. And its the task of a manager to  motivate employees. But there might always be someone who helps motivating the manager itself. The most versatile employee in every small organisation all over the country. The one who does all sorts of work.

One such man is 24 years old Girdhari Baag, who works in a CA Firm in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. His job cannot be defined in one word, cause he’s the one who takes care of everyone’s needs.people like him are the reason why offices run so smooth , there are many tasks in the office environment that go unnoticed, they might not be formal and documented, but if they are not taken care of the office becomes a mess , you only realize when the person who does all of them is absent . just like the lubricating oil in the automobile engine.

From cleaning the office in the morning, filling water bottles before the office staff arrives to serving beverages to them, he does everything.

He calls himself ‘anguthachap’ (illiterate) but he knows to write his name and even goes to bank to deposit small amounts of money. He would visit each desk and ask each and every single staff member if they need anything, every hour. He makes sure nobody is in need for something.

He prepares tea and coffee, brings snacks for the guests, required stationery, medicines, and what not.

If there’s deficiency of anything in the office, help is just a few steps away. He also attends the calls at the reception sometimes and  greets the visitors in the most humble way. There’s no need to remind him what’s to be done, he knows his work very well and gets in done before time.


He’s accompanied by his wife Geeta most of the days, who says his husband is a hopeless romantic and cooks the best potatoes in the world.

GirdharI has always been a bollywood fan, his favourite movie is Jannat starring Emraan Hashmi. He was shy to admit , but his wife revealed that he has imitated Emraan Hashmi’s proposal scene from the movie for her. He loves singing and dancing. And always has the brightest smile on his face.


Girdhari, is working in the office since past 3 years and loves working there. The people in the office are like second family to him. The staff quote that he’s the most generous person in the whole office and  everyone’s favourite.


Kudos! To Girdhari and all such protean guys out there, for keeping  employees motivated and also awake during work hours.



——————Shweta Lalwani