Politeness behind the desk


Almost all of us, at least at some point of time have been to a government office for some sort of work of ours. And all of us do know how tiring it is to roam to an office for a petty work for days together. We often have a notion that government officials take their job for granted and do not care to acknowledge people seeking help. But little do we notice the amount of pressure they go through. But when you find an official who greets you with a smile and answers every mundane question of yours politely, I bet you cannot go back without having a small talk with him.

Like everyone else, these officials as well, have a stressful work-life. And according to most of the officials, that’s one of the reasons why, politeness is one word that is less heard-off in these offices. On a daily basis, these offices have close to 100-500 people walk-in for queries and paper works. And it takes utmost levels of patience to address all of them. On top of it, at times people with insanely high amount of temper issues barge-in and start screaming for the delay in their work.” Handling such people is the actual task for us because these are the kind of people who put our patience to test.”

Their work starts at 9:30 but people stand here waiting even before the office opens. Right from then on, these people work relentlessly even without breaking for tea because their office is always flooded with people. And for the lunch, which is supposedly to be from 1:30 to 2:30, actually happens between 2:30 to 3:00 or 3:15 only because people aren’t ready to leave the office even during the lunch break and keep waiting.  And then continues their work, up to 5:30. They ask the public waiting, to come back the next day and they’ll have to hear all of their curses for shutting down the office when it’s time! And then their everyday life goes on just like this, having to face a whole lot of people.

“All kinds of people come here; the rich, the poor, the well-educated ones, the illiterates. And it is on us to properly communicate to them and extract the information we want. The rich come with their head held high, an air of pride and answer our questions with arrogance while the illiterates most of the times don’t even follow our questions. It is tough being a government representative and dealing with these people and their impatience  when we don’t even get paid enough for the amount of documentation work we do,” Says he.


 All of us do get annoyed and restless when an official does not address us politely. But what we do need to know is that, even they have frustrations and we have to be polite before we expect it from someone else.  Just for once, stand in their shoes and think about their day, no one likes being screamed at, for no fault of theirs and no one would like to portray themselves as ‘mean’. It’s just that, some other person before you, came and annoyed them or tested their patience levels. After all, everyone has their own worries and frustrations and there is no point yelling at someone else for it. All of us have to learn to keep all our tensions to ourselves and our temper under control.