corn on the wheels


 Ever wondered how the food trucks and carts’ vendors live? Well, you might think that there are foodies everywhere which makes life easier for them and they make a pretty good amount of money. But not actually. Here is the story of a sweet corn vendor who does it for a living.


Santhu, aged around 27 is a local bangalorean for whom running around with his cart is his all time work. In the mornings, he goes to the market to buy corn and later gets home with it, where his mother helps him in peeling and washing it. After prepping for it, he runs around with the cart near schools by the afternoons, where maximum business happens.  He covers three to four schools based on their timing and then heads to close by bus stops around the evenings where the hungry and tired commuters give him a profit. He reaches to places where there is a crowd say like the cinema theatres and malls. Having done for the day, he heads back home around eleven when he can no longer find people on the roads.

Once being an enthusiastic student, he has completed his 10th grade successfully and wanted to continue his studies. But his families’ financial crisis pushed him to take up this job.  When his family was acutely short of money, one of his relatives suggested he help them out with their sweet corn business wherein he will be paid on a monthly basis for that. Not having a choice, he had to do it. Though the pay he gets for it is not that great, he has a satisfaction that he is able to contribute to the family.

Times of rain are one of his biggest turmoils, one that he gets drenched and sick and the other being the number of customers being reduced three folds. And on the other hand, the sun itself drains all his energy though he doesn’t mind it at all. Not being the owner of the cart is another drawback because most of his profit goes to the owner and he gets only a petty share.

Even though this job is enough to buy him three meals, he doesn’t want to settle for it. He wants to make it big in life. He still aspires on continuing and completing his education and wants to hold a respectable job. Hope his prayers are heard.