The crest unseen


    Success has its own time and its own unique way of awarding a person.  Some have it early and some only when their hair turns grey . To not give up is the achievers choice and when you follow a passion throughout the rough road you are destined to shake hands with your awaiting destiny.

    Many of us have a similar story like this , we move to a happening city to make our lives better and to stand by our love ones back at home . Might be a tough choice for many but most of us take a leap and do  it . So is the story of Rakesh, at the age of 23 he moved to Mumbai to make a living and  support his family of three siblings. He took up a job that kept him most of the time traveling though it required that he stayed away from his family for most of the time , he willingly made the sacrifice. But the odds were not in favor of him as his company went bankrupt leaving him jobless and dragging his family to zero , by this time his siblings were all settled good but were reluctant to help their brother who stood by them in tough times.  Having faced rejection and being disowned by his own he did not give up but he chose to stay strong and took his stride forward. As a famous saying said “if u can not fly run , if not run , walk , if not walk , crawl but keep moving.  He also chose to work as an unskilled laborer at one stage of his life , sometimes a decent meal seemed to be a luxury, his supportive wife took his back by opening up a boutique and they could afford for their children’s education. As time passed by he could earn a job at an MNC as a clerk , and reality hit him hard again when he was denied his share of paternal property by his siblings. More than the financial loss he felt a very deep stab on his emotional side , the love he invested did not return back. Things got better in his life when he was noticed for his hard work and dedication by his superiors and promotion after promotion within a span of ten years in his forties he could see himself as a ceo of the same company where he held a clerical role. Under his leadership his firm reached new heights and grew to be one of the best firms.

    Today aged 50 odd he owns an island and can afford every luxury one can dream of; it sure is a long way but he did succeed. We as a generation who desire success at the blink of an eye, this story might inspire us and draw us to the importance of hard work and perseverance. There might be someone who has just started on their dream, may be its just a small step , but you never know where you are headed.