Safety last !!!


    Of course the big screen and the industry behind are fancied quite a lot . Lot of hard working people on the set and behind the sets , but often there are always a  few people who steal the limelight and all the glory . Of all the crew there are a set of people who often risk their lives to make the movies more thrilling . They are the stuntmen that perform all dangerous stunts and they keep us right at the edge of our chairs in the movies. This week we bring to you one very famous and hard working stuntman Mr. Damian Mavis. He has worked for film industries of many languages all over the world including the Indian cinema. Based in Vancouver , Canada he is a prominent part of many Hollywood action movies.

    Though he had a secret dream of being a part of action movies ,he started his career by setting up a Taekwondo school in Canada . Out of his love for martial arts he was also attending a Muaythai academy in his city as a student.  After a couple of years of training the institute planned a trip to Thailand to fight in the ring for Muaythai, he ended up winning in the ring and during his stay in Thailand he happened to see the movie Ong-bak which inspired him toward the career path he took . After watching the movie he took a bold decision to go back to Canada and sell his school and so he did it. After 9 months he returned back to Thailand and in six months he was fighting tony jaa in his second movie. This marked the beginning of his career and from then on he has worked with many production firms and still counting.

    His mother has always been so supportive throughout his career ,he took  up martial arts in his teens . Later  he went to university to study psychology and when he took a break to teach martial arts as the school grew big he could not go back to college. Whenever he is not working on a set he does some serious training of three to four hours and he is good to go on the sets . Though he wasn’t paid pretty well in asia, where he earned around 200$ a day , things got pretty decent when he moved back to canada and the production houses paid him quite well for his hard work and in much safer conditions than in asia.

    The major problems stuntmen face according to him are inexperienced production houses and bad planning. Good organizing and preparation make the work much easier for the crew and also improve the outcome of the movie, a good plan and well organized schedules are always a must.

    He hasn’t broken any bones till now but many bruises, sprains and muscle damage never hampered his zeal to give out his best. He aims to make, write and direct his own films.  Following dreams is definitely the way to go and we wish him success in all his future endeavours.


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