Shashi as a kid was not too intelligent, being part of Indian society ,hailing from lower middle class family.He started his schooling from a Hindi medium school. Everything was very okay in his life till he was in his class Tenth and his parents decided to change his school and get him admitted to the top English medium school of the town as he was in the last year of his, which was only till class 10th. Being a scholar in Hindi medium school he was excited to get into an English medium school , at the same time he was nervous too. His parents were not too rich to get him admitted in the top and therefore most expensive private school in town. however they gave all they could have and got him admitted in the school.
    It was his first day in school, he was very excited anyone would have been . He made friends who were not the real ones. He started changing, now he was no more that innocent kid, from a Hindi medium school he was a brat now. He was under the influence of his rich friends. His parents didn’t knew about the kid’s bad influence. Shashi was not even nice to his parents, either he ignored his parents or spoke to them in a worst way one can think of. He stared drinking and smoking. He lost his conscience as if he didn’t knew what was right or wrong. But one has to pay for his bad deeds and so was done by Shashi he failed his class 11th. For the entire year the friends who were with him and who called him their best buddy ,they even did not call and console him. It was his parents who were with him to whom he was disrespectful and spoke with insolence, parents who sent him to the top school of the town ,not considering financial factor as problem, parents who did everything to make him a well-educated man who can stand high. Now he was aware about people who want good of him.
    He again started his 11th class with students who were junior to him. He was ashamed of his deeds. His classmates made fun of him, called him failure. He was so much ashamed that he attempted suicide but he failed and he wanted to share things to someone but no one was there, he was all alone. At night while surfing internet he went through the top failures who succeeded at last, he saw first name Albert Einstein, other one Thomas Alva Edison, other one Michael Jordan, then Abraham Lincoln, Shah-Rukh Khan etc. etc. now he knew what he want to do. He promised himself to be something.
    After 2 years he appeared in his 12th however he couldn’t be the topper of the district or school or even class, neither he made it to any of the IIT’s, but he did passed his class 12th with distinction and he made it to NIT.