Most of us have comfortable work spaces and some might not be so comfortable but still have a place to call their own. But the society is also made up of people who are always on the move to make their bread. This is the story of one such man who makes his bread ironing clothes door to door.

    In India nevertheless the progress we witness , there are still some lives that embrace the ancestral livelihood their fathers pass on to them. This man inherited the huge iron box from his father and from then on has continued his legacy. What he played with as a child has become his source of earning after growing up. Now he is in his mid- fifties and the 7 kg brass iron box never felt so light on his hands. He hails from Theni a place on the border of Kerala but he travels everyday top Kochi to make a living .


        Waking up and reaching his push cart in the morning , might not be a very pleasant idea always , but still pushing his cart he travels door to door to press clothes. The charcoal in the iron box is hot enough to burn his hands and warm enough to get the wrinkles off the clothes.a bag of coal would cost him 1500Rs and his iron box 6000Rs. A supply of 10 to 12 kilos of coal is required to finish his day. He presses around 100 clothes a day at a price of 10Rs per cloth , making him a decent income to run his family. He comes twice a week to Kochi for this work. He doesn’t have a temperature regulator on his iron box but still all kinds of clothes go with ease under his iron box and come out like new ones, that is being a expert. With his outstanding services he has attracted many faithful customers.


     Apart from pressing clothes on his push cart, he also is into tilling his own land at his place. When he is off to Kochi his wife takes care of the land. Adding to his amazing life he has four beautiful daughters who greet him with a smile when he is back home after a long day. They sometimes help him with his work, having all of them married  out of his hard earned money, he feels so accomplished and proud.


    We might have the most advanced electric iron boxes in the house but sometimes people like this give us that perfect look to our clothes. They might not be earning much, they might look outdated, but for me personally they have been the saviors in the very last moments. Such heavy thing on one hand and extreme heat and yet they work with ease. They are always there to make your wrinkled clothes nice , let’s try put a smile on their wrinkled faces as well.