When food is more than just  f-o-o-d……. 


    Food is the most amazing thing in this world. And whether people agree with it or not, street food is the tastiest of all. Of course there’s moms food to compete with it, but that’s a totally different story. Most often street food is misconceived to be unhygienic and not prepared in a healthy way. Might be true or might not be, but at least it is prepared with love and for a cause. Here’s the story of a roadside chat vendor who does this for a living.


    Very often, we get a craving for tasty food and chats is the first thing that strikes us. We head out and eat to replenish our taste buds and get back. But on the other side, there lies an effort of someone who is striving to make a living out of this business; for whom food is more than f-o-o-d.

    A roadside chat vendor here makes the most amazing chats on his open carriage and sells it. While the entire city comes to him to taste his one-of –a-kind paanipuri, he and his family of four rely on this profit to live. Life for him is not simple at all. With two growing up kids, the burden of educating them lies on him.


    The food business is not that reliable and for the high amounts of his commitments and a lot of free time during the day, he also drives auto rickshaw during the day and by the evening works at his food stall. His day starts around 5 in the morning and by the time he gets back home it will be 11 or 12 making him damn tired. After such a long tiring day, he still makes sure that he keeps all the necessary things for the next day ready and only then rests. His day is longer than most of our days and still he has no regret over it. His motivation for so much work is simple, to work hard and get his kids educated so that they can be independent and don’t have to go through the same lifestyle as his.

    He believes that his food’s taste is good enough to draw enough number of customers and there is no doubt about it as his stall is always flooded with foodies. Talking about his hardships, he mentions how tough running this stall is for him. Since it is not well established and due to a lot of competition around, there are always a lot of falls. To add on to this, there are cops who come around asking for a cut. And then there is nature trying to disturb his business in the form of rain and high winds since his stall is not sheltered. Despite all of these, every evening he comes in with a fresh mind to start it all new.


    Fifteen years from now, he wants to be serving his snacks in a shop in a posh complex and take his business further, but hasn’t been able to save much upon it, as most of his profits are spent on the family’s expenses and in clearing his debts for purchasing his auto rickshaw. But there is a belief that his dedication and hard work will pay-off one day and all his dreams will come true because belief in oneself is the most important thing that can help.

    Not many people try making a business on people’s love for food and their appetite, but when someone like him does that, their courage needs to be appreciated because it is more than just a business. It is a responsibility to keep the customers satisfied and to make sure they walk out with a smile on their face. And when people do make an effort to tell them how good their taste is, trust me it can boost their confidence by multiple folds.