The Unshakeable feet


    We often have situations where we end up complaining about how unfair life is . Probably about not getting an appraisal we deserve or just feeling disappointed over a few things . But there are people who get to taste the most bitter of life’s fruits and yet remain strong and don’t give up on fighting back . Such is the story of thanka . She is basically a fruit seller on the streets . A few tragedies in her life and she still she chose not to give up.

        Aged 75 she starts on the pavement selling fruits , which she would have carried in the heavy basket on her head, all day long she is on the pavement greeting all people who come to her with a smile and selling them fruits at very reasonable prices . Recalling her memories she says she lost her family to a natural calamity so she has been living all by herself ever since. Losing her family was a major blow on her , she lost hope and there was a time where she wanted to end her life and ventured towards the sea to which she lost her family. But the sight of the raging sea would not let her accept failure and die. She found hope when she saw the rushing waves and she decided not to give up hope and continue with her life facing all life’s challenges. Every time life tried to knock her down she did not give up but came back stronger than before. She chose to live in dignity and not  depend on anyone for her survival. The little money she earns selling fruits is just enough for her to live.She wouldn’t say that her life transformed miraculously overnight , but it was a slow and steady process but she is far better now than she once was. From an orphaned lady to someone who is living with pride on her own.

       as  a generation that seeks immediate results and fast actions we definitely have something to look up to her. We do face hardships but very few of us go through something similar  that shez gone through. Losing all family and still having the hope and courage to not give up on life is seriously impressive. She must have fostered a lot of strength over her life just to keep working even at this ripe age of hers. Every time you look at her you see a fire of courage in her eyes and not fear. A genuine smile is what you get from her when you meet her. Life’s storms may be big but they haven’t been big enough to shake her feet of the ground. She stands tall like never.