The Unspoken Prayer


        In desperate times , all that we do is just pray . when things fall out of place and we feel feeble in the play of time all we do is just pray. The rosary that is used usually in the catholic church is the symbol and means of submitting requests and supplications to God. the beads of the rosary are a means to count the component prayers. U say a person holding a rosary and praying you just understand amidst all the turmoil in life they have taken a moment to pause all of it and submit their burdens to someone more trustworthy. And the precious hands hold on to that precious rosary when they pray.

           This week we bring before you the lives of the women that make these rosaries. Introducing a group of women who make the rosary chains. They  stay in Koonammavu, Kochi. It is a small village in Kochi famous for this cottage industry- rosary making. The rosary dates back to more than 150 years in the past. Still, women here continue the job of rosary making. Jessy, the elder woman in the group, she started rosary making since 30 years. She makes 20-25 rosaries per day. She earns an additional income for the family through this. She has picked this art from her mother-in- law.

            There are few other women as well who are into making rosaries along with Jessy , everyone works at their own pace and at their free will , having picked up this art from someone elder to them , this art proves to be very helpful for these women.These women take 10 minutes to make a rosary chain. There are different types of rosaries. Rosaries in different materials and patterns have now entered the market. There are rosaries made of thread, wood, sandalwood, pearl, crystal, etc. To make an ordinary rosary chain one need 59 beads. Wire, pliers and beads are their only tools. The rosaries made here are transported to various holy shrines across the nation and across the world. Apart from making this their livelihood, they also contribute to the local church by offering them rosaries for no monetary gain. In this industry you find women of all age groups teenage girls middle aged women as well as quite old people. This is not just their livelihood but also a part of the local culture that has been descending through generations through the ages , and it will keep passing on.

    All these women who make these rosaries are never aware of the hands that will be holding them. They are sometimes in the hands of caring mothers who are just praying for their sick children, or an old man who desperately awaits his grandchild , a die-hard cricket fan praying for the cricket team to win when the game is at the brink, People who pray for the souls of the deceased, and many such unspoken silent desires and prays  just hold on to these beads. So blessed are these hands that help so many souls to pray in helpless times. Celebrating all such hands we dedicate this short write up for them.


    —-  Krishna Gopika N.R.

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