70 Shades of Grey


    What does it take to build a house or any building for that matter of fact? Cement, bricks, water, reinforcement….. If this all you can think of, then there is another most important thing; ‘the man power’. I don’t think I have to stress on how important this thing is. Without man power all of these materials go waste. Well, there stays a man here whose life revolves around these construction materials.


    Usually a person’s identity is his name and his address. But what about those people who don’t even have a mere house to stay? Yes, people like that do exist. This person over here is more than 70 years old (he is not even sure of his age) and still hasn’t settled down, or maybe he doesn’t have a place to settle down. For him wherever he stays is his house.

    He travels from cities to cities in search buildings-under-construction and works there. He looks after the overall work progress of the building which includes mixing cement concrete to pouring water to cure it. Not just that, he also guards the material lying there during the night from thefts. He works on contract basis and is more than satisfied by the money he earns which I just enough to feed him, he says.

    The best part of his work according to him is that he gets a place to stay. And to mention about that place, it just a ground filled with dust everywhere, surrounded by 4 walls (sometimes just 3).And the most painful part of his work according to him, is that before a motor is struck to the bore well, certain parts of the site require rigorous water treatment especially during summer, for which he’ll have to travel miles by foot and carry water in buckets and sometimes these distances are more than 2-3 kilometres. He says, lately his body has stopped supporting him the way it used to before but that cannot be the reason for him to quit as his mind hasn’t accepted failure yet. He will continue to work as long
    as he can.

    For him, his master is his ultimate god. And he is at his happiest when his master is the happiest. He says “It does not matter how many buckets of water I’ll have to carry, as long as I get to hear that ‘good job or well done’ from my master”. With such immense dedication, no wonder he is his masters favourite and the most trusted worker.


    When asked about himself, like where he hails from and about his family, he says he does not know much about his past because he has been doing the same thing from the time, to which he can trace back, and he has   neither a family nor friends. His work is everything to him.  But what has beenhis constant companion throughout his journey of life is his old torn blanket which he carries with him wherever he goes.

    He spends his entire day on curing the blocks and supervising his juniors’ works and his nights guarding the materials while sleeping. When asked what next, he said ‘soon this building will get over and there will be a new one starting somewhere on earth. I’ll go find it’. His life just goes on wandering around grey blocks the same way like all these 70 or so years of his life.