Music is one of the best entertainment in which , every human being is interested. Music soothes our emotional feelings in each and every situation. There are Music therapies for the ones who are depressed in their life.

    Here in this article, introducing a person who plays a musical instrument named “Kaliveena”. His name is Shahjahan, a talented musician, who has been reduced to a roadside seller of the hand-made instrument.

    His birth name is Mohammad Ali, hails from a family of musicians including popular “Mappila” singer, Ramla Beevi. He started playing and selling this instrument since 56 years. He began playing the “Kaliveena” since his childhood. He learned learned to play and also to make the instrument, from his father  before setting out on his own.

    His father used to play in an itinerant musical troupe from Rajasthan, before starting his business. While his father sold the “Kaliveena” for 6 paisa each, Shahjahan now sells it for Rs 100, which he feels is a moderate price.


    The “Kaliveena” is a two-stringed instrument, played with a bow. Shahjahan uses bamboo, recycled metal wires to make the instrument, which he assures is easy to play.

    The selling price just  covers the cost of production. He plays this instrument in front of the renowned “ Padmanabha Swamy Temple”. He comes to the temple every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to sell .

    He arrives every morning, before the temple is opened to the public and plays the instrument. Inquisitive customers linger around listening to him and stop to buy on their way out.

    The product is not a very durable one, but since it is easy to learn, they show interest in buying. On an average, he sells upto 40 pieces a day.

    The raw material that is needed for making the instrument is coming from Tamil Nadu. Despite his age, keeps himself acquainted with the latest Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam film songs, so as to attract customers outside the temple.

    Many foreign customers buy from him. The foreigners are attracted by the music he plays with this instrument. He has performed and sold his wares near temples all over Kerala, as well as in front of numerous temples in Tamil Nadu.

    Earlier, he was able to travel around and sell more as his three daughters help him. Now, his daughters got married so he manages his own. This is his only source of income and is just about sufficient to make a living.

    His passion for music has kept him going for five decades, but he does not expect anybody from his family to take up the business after him. His family is very supportive to do this job.

    So, once again, Music is the media which can soothes every human heart in any situation. Also, it can cure the ones which are depressed in their life. So, “MUSIC IS LIFE”……….