Tea Time



    While  I was travelling by car, parked my car near a tea shop for having tea. As I was having the tea, I saw an old woman carrying a big vessel coming towards the tea shop. As I was watching the old woman , I wondered how she is able to carry heavy weights in that old age too. The vessel was with full of snacks items. I came to know that the old woman was wife of Tea shop owner.

    This is a story of an old couple,Chellappan Pillai and Radhamani, where they sell breakfast and snacks in their shop. They are selling the snacks in cheaper rates and in good quality. They are running  the tea shop since 56 years . Now, he is 76 years old.

    Initially he worked for three years in a shop and from that shop he learned to make the snacks. He worked in his early age for 8 ‘Anna’ (50 paisa) per day . The owner of the shop in which he worked, advised him to start a new tea shop as he was good at that. By the inspiring the words of his master , in which he worked, he started his own  tea shop in the year 1960.


    They make the snacks at their home itself and bring to the shop. They open the tea shop and start selling the items from early morning 4.a.m till evening 7.p.m. The breakfast in this shop is ‘Paallappam’ and ‘Dosa’, cost of Rs 4 each. The snacks items are ‘Bonda’ for Rs 3, ‘Parippuvada’ for Rs 5, ‘Banana fry’ for Rs 10, ‘Neyyappam’ for Rs 5 and Tea for Rs 8.

    Every day, at the time of 3.p.m. the snacks will be finished. Many people from the nearby come to the  shop for a chit chat on a cup of tea , it is one of the  meeting  spot for local  people  to hangout. By the cheaper rates and good quality of  items, they will sell the items by noon itself . But,  during Sunday’s  the tea shop works only till 11.a.m and if there is any order by Christians, they will make the snack items and sell to them. If there are orders for the snacks items, they will make about 700-900 each snack item and will earn money . Even College canteen approach him . while canteen people are selling items for Rs 5 ,But  Chellappan Pillai gives the snacks for the college canteen  for Rs 3 only.Every day many people are coming to the tea shop for buying and having the snacks . These snack items are made in clean and healthy way .

    His family members are supportive for doing this job. His wife is also helping him for selling the items. He is very happy to do this job. By starting his job for Rs 700, now he owns a tea shop, house and a car. By income from this job, he educated his children. The children got married and are living separately. He is satisfied by doing this job. In the Era of surcharges , the life of this person is a lesson to each and every person in this generation. At the age of 76, with his enthusiastic work , he is a role model to each and every one.

    By  Krishna Gopika