Tonite it ends !!! Happy new year!!


    NEW YEAR!!!! Is it just a beginning of a new calendar year?? Or beginning of new hope towards life??
    People celebrate New Year in all parts of the world by dressing up colorfully, dancing with loud music, drinks, fireworks, DJ, spending some joy full time with their loved ones. Everyone wants to celebrate New Year eve, in some or other way in the idea to wave goodbye to the year gone-by and welcome the New Year. But do you think new-year is only about partying??


    There is still more behind New Year’s Eve party. So many emotions, so many feelings, so many lessons, so many memories of that year which is going to end that night.
    Everyone’s year may not be in the same way, Some may have achieved what they wanted in life, Some may still be trying to achieve what they want, Some may be still in the confusion what to do in their life, few may enter into lives, few may leave, few make a difference, for few, it might have been the most important year in their lives, few of them might be working on one of the most important ventures of their life. In this process, few might have met their soul mates; few might part from the people whom they thought they would be there for the rest of their live.

    New Year’s Eve is also a day for handsome guys and pretty girls to confess their love for each other as it is the last day of the year.
    After going through lot of things, after achieving lot of things, after facing lot of things, everyone has created so many memories, and this New Year’s eve celebrations are the result of undergoing things that everyone has gone through in that year, the memories that they created in one year carry on, they give you strength to go into new year and start new things.

    Just like, bursting crackers on new year’s eve is a tradition of belief that takes away the evil spirit in the society with the light and sound of fireworks, every one also celebrates the new year eve to get away with the bad in their lives and hoping for the best year ahead.
    The another thing people does on 1st day of new year is resolutions every one promises to themselves to become better person than they were, they want to do all those things which they failed to do in the past year .People learn from their mistakes and wants to start their fresh life by doing better things whatever may happened in their last year.
    We all enter into New Year with lot of hopes for good things to happen this year, so let us also hope to be one of the best  years of our lives and wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year ahead.