A routine that is as interesting as waiting in a queue to buy socks. This routine also has very limited personal time, or, more precisely, a lot of free time but, limited personal improvement opportunities. Personal sacrifices, for the happiness and well-being of loved ones, to the level where the, very valuable, individuality itself is lost.
    This is the life of most housewives. And also a few working women.
    We fail to notice the little things that they do for us every day.
    When we wake up our coffee, tea, boost, Horlicks, Complan, or what not, is ready for us to glug down, which we do, without a second thought about the person who prepared it for us, waking up as early as 3 or 4 a.m. Without a thought if she had had a morning drink to snuff out her drowsiness.
    We then go for a shower, where the hot water is always waiting for us. And if the water is not hot enough, or if it is too hot, we make a fuss about it and act like we weren’t informed about the world ending.
    She makes us breakfast, lunch, and dinner, without eating first, herself but, the only thing we are capable of is complaining about that pinch of salt or spice that is in excess or shortage. In addition to which we also wolf down most of the food, leaving an insufficient amount for her to eat. She still gulps it down, without complaints, pretending like it’s more than enough for her tiny tummy.
    She doesn’t have a life of her own. Her life revolves around the life of her loved ones.
    She might be going for baking classes to develop her skills, but, if she has to drop her daughter/son at a friend’s place, she will not hesitate, even for a moment, to let go of her classes.

    Her likes and dislikes travel along with those of her loved ones. She will choose the tub of chocolate ice-cream, even though her favorite is vanilla. She will watch cricket, even though she’d rather watch a reality show. And if you prod around this thought for a while, you will realize that, in many cases, you don’t even know what she really likes, because, she just goes along with you always.
    She plays multiple roles, that of a mother, wife, daughter and sister, though this is fast decreasing in our generation.
    She continually multi-tasks but, never gets appreciated for all the hard work. Her small and insignificant mistakes are pointed out like a black dot on a piece of white paper, which she smartly takes in her stride.
    Most of us disregard all that she does for our well-being. We scream at her, hurt her, shock her and annoy her. In this process, we also forget to love her.
    She makes our lives much easier to live in, whether we realize it or not, by over-bearing herself.
    Celebrate her.

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    Women’s Christian College , Chennai