The fitness freaks!



    In a haste to run ahead of time , we have left behind a lot of things. Mainly we have lost the habit of keeping healthy and we have harbored many quick fixes to save time. Our foods have become fast and unhealthy, and we encourage a lifestyle that does not help us in sustaining our health . Obesity is on the rise and our scientists are busy discovering cures for fatal diseases. In his hustle there are a few people who have slowed down a little and embraced the art of healthy living. They not just keep it to themselves but they teach others and thereby building a healthy society . This is the story of a gym trainer.

    He was born into a family of three siblings and his father worked a job at the bank. While he was very young his father enrolled him into a nearby gym. He was very devout towards the gym and he discovered great love towards body building. As a teenager he would cycle for hours together even before the gym was opened . working his time at the gym he went from being 46 kgs to 85 kgs in just 6 months. Paying visits to the body building competitions now and then inspired him greatly to participate in those competitions and win titles. In the year 2003 when he was in his 12th standard, surprisingly he built a six pack in just one year. The sudden demise of his father left him broken and devastated, due to which he had his share of struggles and he deviated a little from his path, nevertheless to come back even stronger. He competed in the body building competitions and the first two times he did not win any medals. But later pressing on to his dreams in full vigor he made it big in the fitness arena. Today he is a Reebok certified gym trainer and he trains people in hi-tech city region of Hyderabad . He owns a very sophisticated gym that has many members. He believes on maintaining health and building muscle in a very natural and consistent method , he never suggests the use of steroids or synthetic proteins . A healthy diet and lot of exercise have always been the most reliable ways for him.

    We are in a chase of a tomorrow that never comes and we often neglect to protect the most important things nature has endowed us with . Health being one of the most important of them, we are often least bothered to take care of it. We neglect health andn fitness only to regret that in later stages of our lives. It is indeed true and aptly said “health is wealth”. People like this are always on the run to train up people and keep them fit, out of the many people who enroll at his gym most of them enroll for weight loss and others just as a means of passing time and a very few who take body building seriously, he caters to everyone according to their needs. All that matters to him is , that he serves a contributing factor to a very healthy and sound society.