Making Ore Into Gold


    Every post Olympic season this is a common phenomena , we talk about the medal winners praise them. Everybody gets to state their  view points,  the tea shops in villages to the celebrity social media profiles at every possible place we discuss, just to forget everything in a few weeks. This reflects very much our attitude towards sports and games. We always wait for someone to come and make a difference, true that many of us cannot , but we also neglect the people who try to make a difference . This is a story of a physical education teacher . He is the person who teaches the first sport to an individual. As a child i just saw my parents talking to every teacher inquiring about my performance on every other subject , but the sports master they never knew. Let’s look into his life.

    Though most of the schools today have become JEE oriented , but there are a few schools who actually care about physical training and fitness. For one such school he works. He comes from a family where farming was their livelihood. He embraced sports from a very young age as his science teacher encouraged him to do it. No sooner he started playing big he played for district level in class 9 and state level in class 10. Playing sports gave him that satisfaction and pride everyone longs for in life  , so he decided he would make a career out of it. He later got an open degree in physical education and he is now teaching children in schools. There are many children who get trained under him , he selects them on the criteria of height and weight , but beyond all he sees passion . Being passionate is something that can outweigh every other criteria. It is a sad thing that youngsters quit sports after finishing their class 10.


    Especially the Indian society has fooled us into this pseudo reality that apart from studying good you cannot make a successful career. When people like PV Sindhu win a medal the whole country sings their praises, but when there is someone who aspires to be like her there is a lot of pressure on the individual to drop his dream . And we expect medals from such a society . Such an irony.  For a normal person sports is just a topic to discuss at the coffee table , when someone from the family gets involved in sports as a passion, the family is often not so happy about it. When teachers like him try to speak to parents, they are often not paid attention and they are not taken serious . This is a situation that has to change in the educational system where all round development of a child is considered a priority.


    The need of having good and dedicated physical education teachers in the country is always a necessity, there has been a decline in people opting for teaching as a profession and people becoming physical educational trainers is even more rare. Children from good financial backgrounds never even think about such a profession . It is high time that sports awareness be brought forth in the country , and it is only possible with the effort of physical trainers like this.