From Dreaming To Achieving


    There are stages in life that shape you and make what you are , when you  ask successful people they will definitely throw light on the dark phases of their life where they were alone and made it through all the sufferings just by themselves. This is one such story of a successful software engineer who has made it big in life , coming from not so very well to do situations in life.



    when you think about companies like Microsoft, google , wipro , TCS , etc. The immediate thing that comes into our minds is the sophisticated apparel and super busy work space and handsome payslips . That is what attracts majority of the student community and everyone at-least ones would have thought of getting into one of these fancy companies. However , the situations were different for this man. Being born into a middle class family , his father being a bus conductor in the APSRTC , all that attracted him towards this field was just the pay-scale of the job , which he considered an escape from his economic conditions . He is an exception when you talk about engineering students , all his college days  he stayed away from the colorful life his friends enjoyed . No malls , no theaters , no bunks . All he did was sit and study . Though he seems to be a turnoff , he was so passionately  focused on winning his dream job , after all those years of hard work he could win a job in one of the most reputed companies , by achieving a gold medal in his academics. Realizing his potential he did not stop there , but he wanted to be in a product based  company , for which he needed a higher level of education and from a very prestigious institutions like the NIT, so he studied attempted gate and joined  NIT.


    His dream kept on evolving as he kept learning more , now when he learns of his true capabilities  he is quite determined to become a software entrepreneur . This is the story of a person who went from nothing to be one of the best software programmers.


    Success is never overnight but it is definitely hard earned over a period of time . His story speaks of all the struggles one goes through , but it is that one reason you need to become successful, undying passion and dedication towards your goal . Having read that he skipped all fun to study may imply that  one should neglect every other aspect of life and just stick on to one thing to be successful, its not very true often , but true passion towards that one thing will make you neglect everything else.  The software industry provides a junction where money , work and environment merge together creating a beautiful career , that is one thing he feels most satisfied about. “have a dream , love it , achieve it. Then , dream again ” he says to all the aspiring youngsters . Though not to everyone he expects his story to be an inspiration to at-least a few..