Crackle up Loud !! Stand-up Chuckles !!!




    A million talents gifted to humanity , and a very few realized and made passions. One such gift is to make crowds burst into sheer laughter. No matter how depressed a person might be if you know how to make them laugh, you have the key to their heart. Today we bring to you the story of a standup comedian. You never know, he can pick up the most serious and unexciting issue and make a joke out of it.



    After trying so hard to get people laughing in different stages of my life, I got quite convinced no one would ever laugh at my lame jokes. And for sure it’s not everyone’s piece of cake. This youngster from Hyderabad has made his way to being a standup comedian, and he has crowds going gaga over his talks. Coming from a not so wealthy family, he has done his majors in journalism and mass media communication. Staying true to his heart, to become a standup comedian he gave his best and put up with everything that came his way to being what he is today. Actually being inspired by a show he watched on TV ‘the great Indian laughter challenge’ which he loved to watch, he realized the potential of making a living out of humor. And that’s what everyone dreams of, make money out of something they love to do. When asked him about the road he took , he said “settling on any field isn’t as simple as the world projects it to be. Make a few hasty decisions¬†,make mistakes, fail miserably and call it quits when things go out of proportion. And eventually, you’ll find the one career path that you will like and settle for. Just do not be afraid of anything, failure in particular. Things always fall into place. ” these are few words that sum up a long journey. Just like every other artist’s career you can never be sure of things, and having a stable life is never a reality. The life of a standup comedian has some very steep highs and lows and he has managed pretty well through all that. Having shared the stage with many prominent names and having been a part of many prominent events, the crowds gets him excited, and when he makes them burst out in laughter it leaves him content and makes him want to do it every day. He sometimes has no clue of a place he is about to go to and what kind of a crowd awaits him, whatever might be the atmosphere in the room by the time he finishes it’s all crackling loud.
    often to pursue one’s own passion and heart requires a lot of courage and encouragement from loved ones. People like this have always been setting a standard for aspiring young artists. you never know the road you’d be traveling but at the end, you definitely have a story , you stand above and beyond all failures.