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    Oct. 21, 2010 -- Sgt. Larry J. Isbell, representing the National Guard, watches his firing lane for targets during the M-4 Range Qualification event during the Department of the Army's 10th annual Best Warrior Competition held on Fort Lee, Va., Oct. 21, 2010. (photo by Spc. Venessa Hernandez)


    We can keep discussing a lot of issues around or coffee table over an evening snack and coffee . We may not completely comprehend the immensity of the issue but yes, we do speak about a lot of things . Yesterday it happened to me that I and a friend met for dinner and we started discussing the tensions that have raised over the past two weeks in the country. I am sure every one of us will have a say about the war, we from our comfort zones voice out our opinions. Would have done something usual like every week , meet someone take their story and present it to you. This week we did not meet people . Very sensitive, though, we decided that we try to empathize with the families of the jawans of the nation. A lot of tweets and status updates on social media , big discussions over the issue, but they take the risk and send their own into the field. Would have been an honor to get in touch with some army personnel but sadly could not.

    Away from their comfort zones , just cherishing whatever they find away from their homes, they show what true patriotism is . Unlike all the rest of us civilians to whom patriotism is a few words, they go much much beyond that. Not many words I have this time , but to everyone that is going to read this I just want you to empathize with the soldier’s families. Do we really understand the sacrifice a mother makes when she sends her son into the army? Is there someone who felt the heart of women when she waves goodbye to her husband when he leaves home in a time of national crisis, just hoping that he would return back fine. For a second the thought of losing someone loved will send chills through our spines, thinking of it is so horrific. But how can a family embrace such great strength that is so fragile in the hands of time? Loving someone, understanding that they belong to the nation first, and taking absolute pride in it. Are not these families brave? This sacrifice they make is so much profound that an entire country stays at peace.

    We tend to talk a lot about the forces. But to really get into the shoes of their loved ones is impossible, one can never understand the measure of the sacrifice each family makes, unless and until one in our family makes a decision to serve in the forces. Before we talk about the war, it is humane to think about those parents, sibling , spouses and children whom the soldiers leave behind when they fight at the borders. For sure they are the nation’s strength and pride but let us also not forget they have people waiting for them back at home. His news of being safe lights up eyes and puts a smile on faces. Saluting  all the heroes!!

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