Destiny and Dance



    One of the crossroads that everyone arrives in the stereotyped of today is the choice of following your heart or following the society. Everybody chooses , and everybody lives a life. But the society finally talks about the ones who choose to follow their heart. They go beyond all pressures and achieve what they want in life. And they stand tall and proud one day. It is a story of one such person who chose a passion.



    This is a story of a dancer who dreamt of it at a tender age of 6 . Coming from the North eastern parts of India he embraced the south Indian dance form Kuchipudi , this is quite unique and strange. Being inspired by watching classical dance forms on television prominently by Dr. Shobha Naidu , he started learning dance at the age of 10 . And on his journey, he graduated from Rabindra Bharati university in Kolkata and did his masters from Telugu university. Learning dance was not so easy , he had his hurdles . Though he belonged to a middle-class family, his family was considerate enough to support him and believe in him throughout his journey .
    Parents of this sort definitely need appreciation. Above everything, he had a friend who always believed in him and extended him every form of support , definitely a symbol of true friendship.Out of his desire to be trained under his inspiration . He came down to Hyderabad from Agartala. And achieved so much after that.

    When you are made out of something , it is very much needed that you strive to excel in it and help others like you to be better . This is what he used to do even before he learnt from his inspiration, Dr. Shobha Naidu. He started a dance school and made his first income of Rs. 50 , which was the charge per head and he always learnt investing the money he earned from this school, without having to depend on his parents. As of now, he holds many awards naming a few of them “National Kuchipudi Scholar award from the ministry of culture government of India” and “Nritya Shiromani Award” .






    His story is an inspiration to a lot of people who are at life’s crossroads. Choosing a passion and following is often the hardest thing to do . But after having seen people like this it is convincing for many of us to choose what we love in life , rather than getting into the rat race. It might be different for every one of us , each one of us has different stories and different circumstances but the desire of winning over destiny and defining it, is the same with everyone. That is the only thing that outweighs a thousand reasons to give up . For sure there would be weary eyes reading this ,if your weariness is from a tiresome struggle, let these words show hope.