from the field to the table !!




    In the heat of the midday  she comes and sits in her little space in the vegetable,selling market managed by the Municipal corporation . This is the market where most of the middle-class folk buy vegetables from .  All throughout the day, this place is busy and among the many vendors, she is one . Though we have online grocery stores and smartphone apps available to us , but I believe going to the market and buying is always the best choice. As I approached her she greeted me with a smile which is ever amazing and asked me my whereabouts . She was expecting me to buy something but I pulled my camera out and asked her to smile . When I told her I’m putting her photo on the internet she laughed  sarcastically .



    Today let us know a little about this lady, The vegetable vendor . In the marketplace , there are vendors who sell in the morning and the ones who sell in the afternoon till evening . She starts at home in the midday and arrives at the market around 2 pm. In the morning she spends her time picking up the vegetables she has grown in her field and buys some from other people who grow and then she takes whatever transport is convenient to her to arrive at the market . More veggies greater the profit , because any day she has people buying. New customers are often rare and I tell u it won’t take long for her to befriend someone. Though she is not family you will definitely start feeling great . When you go to buy something from her. When I meet her I sometimes feel illiteracy is a bliss, we only get mechanical smiles and forced help at the supermarkets just luring our money into their banks. Away from the sophisticated and overpriced supermarkets, these people make their living by selling vegetables at the cheapest price possible .

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    Though she has a son who works for a popular news tv channel she continues to do what she had been doing for all her life . We often tend to bargain with these people , but they don’t play cheap marketing tricks or try to cheat you by selling stale vegetables like the supermarkets do . When they befriend you and greet you like family it is our least responsibility that pay them right , as they are fighting for a dignified life in whatever way they can. All the vendors in this place are so closely knitted,  there is rivalry there is laughter , they share sorrows , they share happiness . They make a very small meaningful world life could be hard at home sometimes, she might not be able to make enough profit to meet her expenses at home , but she still smiles all day . If you are someone who has been buying from a supermarket , i urge you to visit these places . And when you visit them treat them nice .