mother father and A TEACHER

    Mr. B Yadiah, 37 years of age, teacher at the Government school in Medipalli.He is taking a 'fun activity' class during the learning camp, Camal action, of children of standard 3rd, 4th and 5th all mixed together and divided according to their level. Medipalli, Andhra Pradesh.
    Pic courtesy :UNESCO

    It’s four days past we celebrated teachers day so today we have a story of a teacher working in a junior college. Perhaps they are the only people who keep serving generations together. Many cultures divinely describe teachers , irrespective of the fact that they be realized in reality or not . You might have already read a lot of social media posts describing the greatness of teachers and thanking them . A lot has been spoken of their greatness in this week . But let us take a glimpse from their perspective of how they see things and how they feel the system has changed over the few decades .


    He is a Teacher  . He is very much aware of the comments that are passed on him in secret , he has seen students who are genuine in their efforts and also the mischievous one’s who pretend . It is indeed a tough job sometimes that makes u feel giving up would be better , but there is something that keeps him going . There might be some who do teach for a living but I believe when you start teaching passion takes over for most of the teachers. Every day when he steps into the class he hears a warm good morning in chorus from the whole class . All of the students are in their teens , Just after passing their class 10 , it’s totally a new ambiguous phase  . Handling such students and directing them towards an objective is indeed a difficult task. As he speaks of his students who have made it big in their careers you can notice his eyes shining in all happiness . Not all students can afford education and there have been times where students and their families have contemplated on continuing academics. When such situations come to his notice , in all his strength he makes efforts to keep the student from dropping out , it is sometimes necessary that he gets into an argument with parents of girls who think it is not very much necessary for a girl to study . He stood up for many such students and all of them have made it to higher studies and most of them have successful careers today . He has also seen mishaps of his students passing away , he describes those experiences  heartbreaking  and sometimes he felt as if he has lost his own  child . He has been through experiences of all sorts in his two decades of teaching.


    Pic courtesy :INDIAN express

    If you are a parent you might just be concerned about your children , or to broaden it say your nieces or nephews . But being a teacher calls for a bigger responsibility , a teacher is responsible for a whole society . Not just the ones he teaches but he has a bigger impact on the society . There are teachers who have taken responsibility  of runaways, abandoned and fatherless  and kept it faithfully . It is indeed great happiness and pride when you see someone make it big from your proximity. Teachers keep seeing such people all their lives .