Words Priceless !!!



    Amidst all business of the engineering colleges, there are few people who almost go unnoticed . They neither top the class , nor fail . Yeah, average students are the ones who go unnoticed the most . They are neither extraordinarily studious nor they are backbenchers. They just want to keep up their academics, sometimes all they want is just pass in all the subjects . There could be immense talent roaring behind their silence but that often goes unnoticed. This is a story of one such guy, he is neither a star or the heart throb at college. But yes, what he does is significant and many people rely on him. A story of a Wikipedia writer, a final year engineering student hiding behind a pen name.

    You step into engineering and it is quite obvious that you hear terminology that is quite strange and that feels like a new tongue. Yes, Google definitely comes in handy then. First result – Wikipedia. And this is where most of our learning starts.  Right from the definition to the recent developments everything is listed in here. But ever wondered how the content comes up there.


    This guy from a well known university has dedicated his time and energy to writing content on Wikipedia, well you might think he gets paid for what he does. No he doesn’t, he has volunteered for it . People like him often have a pen name and they never reveal it to anyone. When he goes on travelling, while the rest of the group casually moves on after a glance, he clicks pictures of monuments, places and anything of interest and gathers authentic information about them from the locals and other sources. To help the netizen community or precisely students whose teacher is the internet. Apart from classes you can always find him writing articles on Wikipedia. When you go to him and ask, why does he do this even though he is not paid or he doesn’t draw any benefit from it . He says “ when a student successfully completes his project after referring to the articles that I write , it gives me a sound , tight night sleep. “


    When someone reads his write ups, they do sense a prolific writer behind these words. You will not expect a 21 year old writing all this content. Students from primary school to professors everyone has had a need of referring to articles on Wikipedia at least once. This is how immensely useful and heavy these words prove. Countless are the project reports and thesis that quote his words, the knowledge he shares definitely travels beyond time and generations. Very few people apart from studying engineering cater time to help peers and contribute to the learning community selflessly, amongst such souls Wikipedia writers are one of a kind .Every time u refer to a wiki article , the writer definitely deserves a little appreciation and if you know any such people treating them once in a while doesn’t sound like a bad idea .