Chasing Big Dreams



    While the whole world is in deep sleep viewing their colorful dreams, These people are already awake early in the morning reading books to Fulfill their dream’s . They would have left their jobs or home towns and all comfort zones came to the city for their Dreams to get fulfilled. Believing in the Volatile Government Exam Timetable which can be altered at any point of time , still they believe in the system and want to enter the system to bring a change or to show the world what they can achieve.


    Each “Government Job Aspirant ” has his/hers own Story , we may meet a person who came from a village Background , whose childhood Dream is to become a  police officer . while other guy has chosen this path to get married to his loved one, whose parents agreed , they would get him married . if he had a government job . One of them already had a job but to grow  in his career a bit further, he is on a long leave to pursue his goal , we meet people with Different backgrounds, Different languages , Different cultures  in which  there are people from Elite Educational institutions , people from Local private colleges. every one meet here to reach their common goal called ” Government job “.


    when we spoke to a guy regarding the same he replied ” I came to city 3 years ago to pursue my dream , I joined coaching in a renowned coaching institute  where there are thousands of people like me  waiting for the lecture’s early in the morning at an auditorium .if we cant find a empty chair we used to listen the lecture standing near the door for more than 6 hours a day “. The source of income for me is Five thousand Rupees per month which my Parents send, in hope of me getting settled in my life , even if it is not sufficient for me to sustain , some time’s I skip my lunch or dinner . “so that we can sustain one more day in that month “.


    They usually stay as a group ,in a pent house or a small Paying guest hostel,so that they can afford. In spite of people living in groups , we can observe pin drop silence and keen concentration of them while reading their respective books . The aspirants help each other in all tough times , they know each other Difficulties in their lives.They don’t fear the failures , they always posses positive attitude towards their Goals. No need to say that “They also find their Best friends for life, in this part of tough journey of their lives“.