Hefty Big Dreams on Mighty Little Shoulders



    sleeping (1 of 1)        It was around midday . The Sun was shining at its brightest, and the heat was getting me weary . At this point of the noon, I found him fast asleep in a nearby shelter after his lunch. Putting some tiresome hours into his labor,  those few minutes of the day help him escape this mechanical cycle of life when his heavy eyelids would shut down to  isolate him from the harsh reality, and to give him a moment of divine peace. Just go to any construction site and you would find many daily wage laborers who put up long and strenuous hours of work for their livelihood.  They are the ones who build our luxurious Dream homes ,our Dream Projects, our schools and every part of the concrete jungle as we see. These shoulders carry them all and give life to them. And this is the story of one such man .

    sleeping (1 of 1)-2

    After a short nap of few minutes that afternoon,  he woke up very reluctantly to continue his work at the site when the supervisor called him  . He got up, splashed his face with some water and immediately got back to his routine . His regular day starts at around 6 in the morning when he  starts to the construction site where he works. He actually belongs to a village which is around 50 Km away from the city, where the site of work is located . He packs two meals , both for breakfast and lunch and boards the train . His journey to the site takes  one very long hour . When he arrives at the site he has his breakfast out  of whatever he has packed and then starts his work. He has his co-workers along with him , who  share a lot in common with him . They work talking about their daily lives,  exchanging some laughs now and then . And when they break for lunch, they eat, then some of them nap for a while and some just sit over for a conversation.  Then again, they resume their work , they go on till the sunsets.  After the day at the site ends,  He takes his wages and starts back home. The journey home feels quite  short and less exhausting .” HOME SWEET HOME “it is . Around 9 in the night, he reaches home , completely drained off all his energy, just left with the feeling of happiness and pride of being able to provide for his children with the 300 rupees he has earned ,for that  day and then  goes to sleep after his dinner .

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    Unlike most of the children around his house who do not go to school . He has managed to send his children to school with the  best he can afford . He has two sons in classes Nine and Seven . His wife works as a domestic  help in houses and also sells milk , owning a buffalo has helped him this way.  Days , weeks , months and years . The numbers  change but his every day remains the same .  This is the story of another Common Man .