The Healer’s Touch


    He’s heard some of the last heart beats and he has held hands as they turned cold taking their last breathe , he has been the first messenger of a heartwarming message and sometimes a heart breaking one, he’s been there when people were sobbing for their loved ones .This is a story of a person who has many real time stories to tell . This is the story of a nurse . You might never hear him speak a word but there’s definitely a lot you get to hear from him when he speaks.

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    As I walked into the hospital, I caught him in action attending an old women in her early seventies , like a son would attend to her . Waiting for him to finish his job it took me some wait to get to him . Though it took a little while for him to come out ,but the wait was worth it . When asked him about his job he said ” working in the ICU is very unpredictable and it needs that you be prepared .it’s just about treating and caring for people more than anything else . When every patient becomes your family and all of their problems yours that is when you become a real nurse . Sometimes it’s just a matter of few kind words and gestures that a person needs to heal. It goes beyond drawing salary and beyond being in a white uniform”. He has experiences of being alone in the mortuary and dealing with some real critical and challenging situations. Hearing him speak about a few incidents that he handled ,will definitely plunge you in a wave of emotion.

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    As he narrated an incident, it left me dumbstruck, and I started wondering how helpless can people be in some situations . There was once a child of few months  brought to the hospital, due to a cardiac complication of heart being in the right side instead of the left. Medically termed “Dextrocardia”. The child was born after many years of marriage and the parents put the child into the doctors hands as their final hope . After eighteen hours of continuous surgery,  taking into consideration minute arteries and veins , the baby could not be saved . “18 hours of surgery , and expert surgeons working over that little heart could not keep it beating for long  ” he said with regret and a lump in his throat.

    The front face of the hospitals as most of us see it ,is not what happens behind the ICUs and operation theaters . This is just one kind of a story and there would be many if we dig deep into them .  These are the hands that attend to us without fail when in a situation , there might be doctors but they are always there when we need them be it in the most odd hour or when u need the kindest words you get to hear from them .  It does not take much to offer them a word of thanks , it would help them to serve us better. they are definitely God’s outstretched arm of Healing.