The lives that embrace the sea


    Ever saw the boats stand still on the shore . For sure we must have wondered “when do they set sail??” .  They have many tales to tell , they have witnessed some fierce storms and stand as a symbol of the fishermen’s lives.


    When the whole world is fast asleep , few shoulders wrestle these boats into the sea  .even before the sun is out, 6 men are set to sail on these boats rowing them hard into the deep seas. Rough weather or  troubled seas are never a hindrance to them . Their only hope is that ,their long and strenuous struggle with the nets and the sea, would yield them a good catch so they make some money out of it . And when  done they set back to the shore with the heavy loaded boat with a huge catch , if they had been lucky enough. You would very well see this on the shore early in the mornings.


    Wouldn’t it be nice to sit by one of them and talk to them about their life ? When asked one  about his catch ,he was all smiling. Luckily they had a big bountiful catch that day .it is indeed surprising to know how much they make in a day . Would you like to take a guess. Sometimes it’s a mere 100 Rs and when a good catch its 300Rs to 400Rs . And that makes them a happy day. Compared to the maintenance costs of the boats and the nets this is not a very big return. But this is what that keeps their lives on the wheels. The boat is owned by an owner and he has a slightly bigger share in the catch .



    When asked about their families and children , not all the children in the house go to school and the women work as housemaids and daily wage laborers in the neighborhood  and their ends are met . It is often an issue that their boats start leaking or they get stuck in a storm , luck does play a role in their survival then but beyond that it is their strength and determination to win over the sea and come out .

    They camouflage with the general public in the regular hours only the early dawn hours testify their labor. They are completely disconnected to the world as we know it , far away from the digital world and they cannot be accessed by our social communication. But their labor makes it to our tables.



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